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Awareness breathing meditation
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Published: 15 years ago

Awareness breathing meditation

"Begin by sitting in cross legged position and keep your back straight. Try to make yourself feel very comfortable and put more weight on your hips than your legs.

The goal in taoist practices is to reach the most natural state of body, mind and soul. In that natural state, chi flows smoothly and energy reserves can be recharged. Unfortunately, in todays stressful world we have often no idea what that natural state even means. You may know, that using too much of your upper brain to thinking or worrying isn't the best thing to do for your well-being. Excessive thinking creates easily heat to the head and dries up our life-force, and cause easily anger and frustration. So we need to at least learn to empty the upper mind.

Another important thing is to learn to grow our awareness outside. This does not mean that we should turn our senses out ( like vision, hearing, touch ). Turning your senses out constantly will actually deplete your life-force to tv-programs, music, p 0 r n o g r a p h i c material or even to other people. By emptying your upper mind, turning your consciousness inside to your navel area ( tan tien ) and growing your awareness out, you will attain the most natural state of body, mind and soul. At the same time, relax all your muscles, let them become completely loose ( this is very important ). Feel the energy condensing on the navel area when your are exhaling slowly ( this recharges your energy ). It can not be described exactly what is meant with "turning your awareness out", but simply become aware of things and energies which surround you ( earth energy below you, universal energy above you ). In advanced meditation methods, the universal and earth forces can be absorbed directly to your body when your awareness has grown strong enough. You can feel the cool earth energy on your legs and perineum, and the warm universal energy on top of your head. Breathing is the main tool to increase our life-force, the energy is absorbed by breathing to the whole body and especially to your tan tien ( lower abdomen ). So move your consciousness to your lower abdomen, grow your awareness out and fill the lower abdomen with energy by concentrating on it. When you move your consciousness to your lower abdomen, do not block your throat area but simply drop the consciousness there easily.

Learn not only to empty the upper mind, but learn also to sink the consciousness to your lower tan tien and increase your awareness outside, and you will connect your body to the external universe which recharges your body through breathing. No scientist of today can understand the connection between our bodies and the universe, they are of no help when studying these natural practices. Mantak Chia has a nice page where he discusses these practices.

Let your observer brain also rest during your days! Simply practice the thought of no-thought. Try to think and observe nothing so to speak. Concentrate on the middle point of your head, and the gradually eliminate the consciousness altogether. Over-thinking or over-observing will give extra burden to your spleen which works very hard to transform and transport the nutrients and fluids in your body."

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