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Re: Lingering numbness post removal HELP!!!
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Lingering numbness post removal HELP!!!

hi there Dutchmom:) thanks for updating us on how you feel. I had been thinking about you a lot. I am pleased to see that many of your side effects have started to go.
I do understand your worries, but please remember it has only been 18 days - it is still very early days, even though it may not seem like it!!! I know when something is worrying you, every day seems like a lifetime!! Like i said to you in my other post, it can take 6 months to a year to get right after mirena.
Some of my numbness came back last month for quite a few days, and that is 6 months after the mirena was taken out, for me! I know it is difficult but try to be patient and carry on with your diary so you can see the patterns month by month. Recovering from mirena is a long term thing.
We are dealing with 2 main problems with mirena, as i see it. The first is the toxicity of the chemical in mirena itself - this can take 6 weeks or so to get out of the system. Once that is out of the way, some of us - though not all - are left with the side effects of the condition that mirena created - which is the fact that the natural hormones are completely out of balance. It is this balancing of the hormones that takes the time to get right. For some, their system copes better than others and they will feel better much quicker. Much depends on lifestyle and stress factors. If you research into estrogen dominance on the internet (i have also posted some links in a previous post several threads down this page on estrogen dominance) you will find a lot of information. you will see that the majority of us have far too much estrogen already and that the synthetic progesterone we have had can throw us into estrogen dominance even more because our bodies cannot produce enough of our natural progesterone after mirena. estrogen type chemicals come at us from all parts of our lifestyle too, such as parabens in body and face creams, in plastic containers for food and water bottles etc and in the food itself sometimes if it comes from certain countries where farming regulations about chemicals used in food production are not as strict as they are in Europe and the US. The adrenal system also has a major effect on our hormones - if we are having caffeine or other stimulants, we stress our adrenal system, and that makes us more estrogen dominant. Even normal stress in our day to day lives has an effect. Certain foods block the liver from clearing excess estrogen from our bodies too - one of those foods is pink grapefruit. Now, when i had a return of my numbness, i was eating at least 1 pink grapefruit a day, sometimes two!! I am not saying that grapefruit is bad as such, but obviously my hormones are still not right, like yours, and there will be some things in my lifestyle that make the already fragile situation worse. Since cutting out the grapefruit my numbness has gone completely - although i am waiting to see if it comes back this month. I am also being very careful about my diet, no caffeine or Sugar and am taking B vitamins, magnesium and other minerals which will help my hormones to be produced in the right quantities for the delicate balance that is needed, as well as some herbs to help my liver work better. I am trying to make sure i get plenty of good quality sleep too. I anticipate it will take a while yet, as my hormones have never been right in my whole life - that is why i had period pains and other problems such as polyps - if the hormones are working 100% correctly, we should not get any major period related problems ever! (which shows that most of us do not have 100% perfect hormone function, in this western society which is full of chemicals!)
I am sure that things will settle down for you eventually, and do not anticipate that you have anything other than your hormones completely out of whack at the moment and possibly the estrogen dominance that i mentioned (though it is still early days to make that assumption for you). Relaxing is very important for correct hormone function too, as is making sure you get a good 8 hours sleep every night, also getting excercise every day, and drinking plenty of water to help the liver and kidneys detoxify your to help yourself, have a look at your lifestyle and see if you can change anything for the better - even changing one or two aspects may make an enormous improvement. Caffeine, alcohol and stress are probably the worst offenders! The fact that most of the symptoms have already started to go though, is a great encouragement. I know it is difficult to be patient in a world where we are used to things happening fast - we live in a society where if we have a headache, we take a pill and it goes(although it doesnt get rid of the reason for the headache, just masks the problem). We are used to phones and the internet and all manner of things that happen in an instant as and when we want them. But to allow your body to do things naturally and repair itself takes more time, but it is a more complete cure! I also remember you mentioned your friend with MS, so of course that is very much in your mind at the moment, which is natural. How is she doing, by the way? I hope she is not feeling too bad at the moment. I do agree that the numbness is very unsettling, and to be honest, that, along with migraines and dizziness, is one of the nastier side effects. I would rather have the mirena induced Acne for another 6 months than any more numbness, that is for sure!! But we cannot predict which way our bodies are going to react. Out of interest, do you have high cholesterol? Mine is high and i am trying to find out for research purposes if it is the people with excess fat (I am overweight, which also causes hormone problems, by the way lol) and choleterol problems that get more numbness. There may not be a connection as such and of course, not everyone has had a test, so they wouldnt know. But if you have had a test i would be interested to know if your level was high or normal.
Cholesterol aside, i really do believe you will continue to get better as your hormones begin to settle down. Yes there will be good days and bad days, but you should find that eventually there will be more good days than bad, and that the numbness gradually phases out. Yes i do also think that when you have your period that may help things too - sometimes that release of having the period can make a big difference for many people. Don't worry if it is not quite regular though, again things will be a bit out of balance for a while. Do keep us posted. I am thinking about you alot and keeping my fingers crossed that you will see even more encouraging results sooner rather than later!! take care:) xxx

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