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--Testimonials--4 Years of Candida now Gone--

Heart Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Heart Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 16 years ago
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--Testimonials--4 Years of Candida now Gone--

Sans Sucre - 4 year old candida problem finally went away
after I began alkalizing
I just wanted to share my experience about Moreless' posting
style, as it seems to be a never-ending source of controversy.
And I think it will continue to be, as new people join the
forum who won't be used to it.

When Moreless first came on the scene on the Candida forum
(, I was very bent out of shape by the way he
phrased things. I found it abusive and insulting, and I fought
back with a vengeance, trying to "make" him see how he
"should" be responding to posts. After all, I had been around
the Curezone block and knew quite a lot about what I was
trying to cure, and how dare anyone just show up on the scene
with such a know-it-all attitude, questioning my desire to get
well! Harrrumph!

So, I thought it my responsibility to complain about this
every time I read something that he had written that was not
being nice to the poster. And, I was far from the only one.
Seems many many people had a gripe with the way Moreless
phrased his posts. People have even left the forum due to

But, then something happened. People were getting well. And, I
wanted to be one of them. So, I decided that the way he says
what he says is not nearly as important as what he is saying.
I applied many of his principles to my condition, and have to
say that if I had not, I would still be going around in
circles. To be specific, a 4-year old candida problem finally
went away after I began alkalizing - no more thrush. I was
sooo depleted in minerals. It took 9 months, but it happened.
I am still working on some lingering liver issues, but am
noticing improvement in that area too. It never would have
happened if I had allowed myself to not hear the message
because I had issues with the messenger. I had to get my ego
out of the way. Yes, it has been argued that Moreless also has
an ego, but the fact remained that for ME to get well, I had
to get MY ego out of the way, regardless of what anyone else
did or did not do with theirs. On this forum, I am the

And, meanwhile back at the ranch, I began to read Moreless'
posts with a lot more understanding of where he was coming
from, and for some reason, his posting style does not bother
me at all anymore. In fact, I often find my self chuckling at
his replies. Not because I feel people looking for help should
be battered around, but because after you have been here long
enough (and perhaps gotten a little relief from your illness
which I know for me being sick makes me super sensitive) it
just simply takes a huge backseat the the actual message. And
as he recently pointed out, a lot of it is perception. Have
you ever read a letter that made you very angry at the moment
you read it? So, you sit and plot your angry reply. But, next
day you re-read the letter and for some reason, the tone of it
sounds a lot different to you than it did when you first read
it. Time, mood, so many things can change how one sees things.

People have confronted Moreless on his style ad nauseum. He
has not changed and he is most likley not going to. You kind
of just need to put it aside as a non-issue, and try the
tools. Is it really THAT big of a deal if you get insulted? If
I am getting better, Moreless can insult me up, down, around
and back again! :) But, also a good thing to keep in mind is
that, from his perspective, he is not TRYING to be insulting
or belittling. There is a fine line between tough love and
being abusive, but sometimes that perception depends on which
side of the fence you are on.


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