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--Testimonials--Thyroid toxicity from Iodine overdose helped with Alkalizing drink !--

Hulda Clark Cleanses
Wormwood, Clove, Clarkia, Turmeric, Epsom Salt, Uva Ursi, Goldenr...

Hulda Clark Cleanses
Wormwood, Clove, Clarkia, Turmeric, Epsom Salt, Uva Ursi, Goldenr...

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Published: 16 years ago
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--Testimonials--Thyroid toxicity from Iodine overdose helped with Alkalizing drink !--

Grzbear - 'Thyroid toxicity from Iodine Overdose helped with
alkalizing drink'
(Moreless is Green and Grzbear in blue)
Moreless: "Hi Ya'll,

As usual not everything may be as it may First seem to be !

And this may be the case with the Purple Halo of Iodine, which
has suduced many people into thinking it has Magical
properties and is going to solve all their problems !

Yet, some get Positive results , but many get Toxic Detox
Reactions from trying to take Elemental Iodine or one of it's
Drug buddies !

"WHY" may this be, so many people seem to be asking, now that
the results, both Good and Bad have been flowing in from many
users trying the Magic Pill ?

Could it be as Simple as I have mentioned from the begining
from this ill gotten idea that one could solve their Health
problems with this Purple Halo, by just using the Elemental
form of Iodine ?

What did I mention from the begining ?

Oh! "YOU" did not hear or Listen ?

How can Elemental Iodine have a Positive effect on some people
, yet at the same time have a Negative effect on others, and
even turn around and have a Negative effect on those who in
the beginning were getting a Positive effect, when they get
too much ?

As usual not everything may be as it may first seem to be !

Did "YOU" not stop to consider "WHY" there are so many Caution
Warnings associated with Iodine and it's intake by it's self ?

Even the Medical profession is loaded with Warnings for the
user !

Did it not occur to "YOU" that it may easily become Toxic to
the body when "YOU" take too much Elemental Iodine in ratio to
the amount of needed Alkaline Minerals, which you have in the
foods you are eating or the amount of Alkaline Minerals you
have in your body reserves ?

Oh ! So "YOU" did not "STOP" to think this thru ?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! The seducing powers of the purple halo and it's
hidden dangers !!

Life is "ALL" about the Acid Alkaline pH Balancing Principles

And there is "NOTHING" in the entire Universe which may be so
without this action !

Consider to use some "Common Sense" , and consider that
"NOWHERE" in Nature will you find Elemental Iodine by it's
self !

So, what may this mean for a person with any Common Sense ?

Could it mean that the Creator did not mean for "YOU" to take
Elemental Iodine by it's self ?

Could it be that "YOUR" Creator ment for "YOU" to take Iodine
as a Complete Complexed Carbohydrate food like as in Good
Quality Kelp ?

Thus avoiding the serious side effects of Toxic overload,
which many people who may have tried taking elemental iodine
and have taken too much in ratio to their available Alkaline
Minerals and have been showing Detox problems ?

The Endocrine Glands operate upon a feed back loop, whereas
when a Little may do good, a lot may "Poison" and Cause
Negative Results to happen !

The problem may be a Simple one to understand, if the person
has not gotten "FULL" of themself, thinking they know more
than their Creator ??

Of course, when a person has made themself "GOD" above their
own Creator, and they may have Lost any "Common Sense" they
may have been given from their own Creator in the beginning,
then it is easy to see "WHY" these people are having the
problems they may be having !

Because when "YOU" make "YOURSELF" "GOD" above the Creator of
"YOURSELF" and all that is in the Universe, "YOU" may just be
asking for the Problems , which "YOU" shall surely get to
Follow "YOUR" Poor choices in Life !

Is this kind of thinking considered Ego, Vanity ,Pride, and
being "FULL" of ones self , when "YOU" start thinking that
"YOU" know more than the Creator of "ALL" the Universe and
everything in it ?

Could it be that Simple ?

Surely some people could not have this Problem, could they ?

Simpleness of Living a Healthy Life = If it is not Naturally
in the growing foods which are of Top Quality, But it is some
seperate Element extraction from Mankind's Chemical Lab, then
do "NOT" choose to eat it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nature may be "smarter" than Mankind !

This is "WHY" from the beginning, that I suggested Learning to
get "YOUR" needed Iodine in Top Quality Kelp from the Coldest
Ocean waters, which are the Least polluted, because this Kelp
may have the needed Alkaline Minerals in it bound with the
Iodine, so that "YOU" may not Cause an overdose of Iodine to
happen in your body by this method of intake !

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! But, but, some will say ?

The Magic Purple Halo of elemental Iodine is soooooooooo
seducing to me ?

As usual, the world is Full of Drug addicts , and one more
will not change it much !

"IF" "YOU" want the "BLESSINGS" of Life, then it may be in
"YOUR" Best interest to consider that Nature may know more
than Mankind's Chemical Lab, which awaits to entice "YOU" with
it's Elemental Drugs !

Choose Life or Death this Day !

Smile Tis your choice."

Grzbear "Been meaning to post this... and you offered a good

You stated...

"Did it not occur to "YOU" that it may easily become Toxic to
the body when "YOU" take too much Elemental Iodine in ratio to
the amount of needed Alkaline Minerals, which you have in the
foods you are eating or the amount of Alkaline Minerals you
have in your body reserves ?"

Why yes it did occur to me (you should know me by now :-)...
and as I am somewhat of a self experimenter, AND looking for
anything that may help me to move forward I chose to take
extra iodine in the form of Lugol's. Knowing what you have
posted on this forum, and other forums before this one
existed, I self experimented again; two weeks ago I stopped
taking the alkalizing drink on purpose to see what would

if you read my posts on the iodine forum, you will find that I
had a strong "detox" reaction about 5 days into going without
the alkaline drink. NOTE that I did not post that I had
discontinued the alkalizing drink in my post, due in part to a
huge desire to avoid confrontation.

What did I do? Started doing the alkalizing drink again :-)

Yes I am taking extra iodine in the form of Lugol's, no I will
not do so without the alkaline minerals in the drink ever
again. In fact I have cut back dosage a few times and may do
so again at the end of this month. I have seemed to have a
nice response to the extra iodine, albeit, along with the
extra alkalizing minerals.

This is the third time I have discontinued the alkalizing
drink (on purpose to gauge response) and each time I did, I
was reminded why I keep taking it. Each and every time I
stopped taking it, my progress forward slowed markedly within
a week. My progress slowed, but I seemed to maintain my
position, due in part I believe to everything else I do, like
NOT eating those foods that cause me to be too acidic, or feel
yucky to begin with; that food is only on special occasions

Everyone on these forums that reads my posts, know that I work
real hard to do everything I can to live life, at some point I
was hoping without the help of the alkalizing drink. But you
know, I do not think it is possible in this world without
total\full control over our OWN food sources... even then?

Bottom line is that the alkalizing drink is missed when it is
taken out of my daily routine.

Still making progress forward...

Thanks ML"
Moreless: "Hi Grz,

It seems someone has some "Common Sense", it is good to see
that you have found the connection of the need for Alkaline
Minerals to help the body Stablize in order to become Healthy

As usual the story is not over with til the Fat Lady sings the
Last song !

The body "MUST" have the needed Alkaline Minerals, in order to
become and stay Heathly !

But in the mean time, people will continue to Hope for that
Magic Pill, which always seems to be out of reach !

But, Health is a way of Life, not a Magic Pill !

Smile Tis your choice."


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