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--Testimonials--Candida, Acne, Facial Rashes, Dry/Itchy skin, Dandruff & Scalp Eczema--98% Gone--*

Hulda Clark Cleanses
Wormwood, Clove, Clarkia, Turmeric, Epsom Salt, Uva Ursi, Goldenr...

Hulda Clark Cleanses
Wormwood, Clove, Clarkia, Turmeric, Epsom Salt, Uva Ursi, Goldenr...

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Published: 16 years ago
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--Testimonials--Candida, Acne, Facial Rashes, Dry/Itchy skin, Dandruff & Scalp Eczema--98% Gone--*

evanluck - Candida , Acne, facial rashes, dry/itchy skin,
dandruff and scalp eczema - 98% percent symptom free!
I have been following moreless' protocols to the letter for
about four months and I am thriving.

There are three if us in my family who are all doing it and
all of us are experience positive results.

I went on a typical path to get to the truth being taught by
moreless. I have been bothered for the last 15 years by all
kinds of chronic symptoms. These ranged from unexplainable
hives to acne, facial rashes, constantly dry and itchy skin,
dandruff and scalp eczema, a feeling of constantly water
logged ears, brain fog, and low energy.

For about the last three years I have been actively searching
for a cure. After doing a three day mono fast of apples to
attempt to cure my acne, I broke the fast incorrectly and made
myself so acidic that I broke out all over my body in an itchy
rash. After some research on the internet, I decided that
candida was my problem and set my mind to killing the yeast.
All the natural attempts to kill the yeast made me worse. Then
I went to a naturopath and about $10,000 dollars and three
months later I was about 85% symptom free. He never explained
to me what he was giving me or what was going on and did not
insist on any diet restrictions except no sugar and no
caffeine. About six months later my symptoms came back, not as
full blown as before I had no information and no more money to
go back to the naturopath.

Finally after some prayer about my health, I found moreless'
posts on the candida forum. I am beginning to understand how
God allows you to discern his truth. When I began to read the
information that moreless was posting, I just knew it was the
truth. Also I can be very inquisitive and detail-oriented when
it comes to information and to me when approaching his
information with an open-mind and a heart for change it all
make alot of logical sense.

Anyways four months into the regimine, I am 98% percent
symptom free. My weight and skin have not looked and felt this
good since high school (I'm 35 now.). My mother and sister are
also experience much improved health, implementing the
recommendations on this forum for about two or three months.

It is amazing how your life can be when you recognize God's
plan for everything and begin acting in accordance with his

Health and Blessings to everyone who would choose it,

And in response to someone asking Evan his protocol, Evan
I changed my diet to include at least 80% akalyzing foods.
This means mainly raw fresh fruits and vegetables with an
emphasis on green leafy vegetables. I also started buying all
my food from local farmer's markets. 20% of my diet are whole
grains, things like Sprouted Ezekial Bread, Pitas, and an
occasionaly vegan cookie made from spelt flour. I refrain from
eating any protein or grain at least 4 hours before sleeping.
I am not eating meat and am eating very little cooked food.

I drink the BSM/Lemon juice drink with a generous helping of
Pickling Lime water (2-3 tablespoons) anywhere from three to 5
times a day.

I take a pinch of epsom salt with my meals.

I also am drinking a broth made out of kale, outer cabbage
leaves, green chard, collard greens, and ginger. I spice it
with a couple dashes of cayenne pepper and take a tablespoon
or more of kelp. I drink this a couple time a day.

I take alkalizing showers which means I take a hot shower and
finish it up with a cold shower and spritz with a 5:1 diluted
Apple Cider Vinegar spray before and after (this will make
your skin very soft).

I am also oil pulling (swishing organic sesame seed oil in my
mouth for 10-20 minutes) in the morning.

A couple times a day, I take 5 minutes to do some deep
breathing to increase my oxygen intake. I usually breath in
for four seconds, hold for twelve seconds and exhale for eight

As far as the emotional and spiritual aspect of my healing. I
am reading the bible everyday. Spending alot of time with my
mind focused on God and find things everyday to be grateful
for. Focusing on God and the principles behind his creation
has made it very easy for me to discern between all the
information posted on cure zone. I can tell you that
everything that moreless suggests rings very true to me.

I just want to offer these little pieces of advice:

Remember your state of health now and as you get better which
you will if you follow the recommendations on this forum, be
grateful for every increment of improvement. Keep a journal if
you have to and apply percentage improvements to each one of
your symptoms. This will help you stay the course and not take
each level of improvement for granted.

Keep focused on the big picture and don't let little setbacks
discourage you. In my experience the methods on this forum
improve your health quite quickly but you will be shocked at
how your nature may desire something that is instantaneous.
Just remember it took you a long time to get as sick as you
are. You will heal in a much shorter time but have patience
along the way.

Wow this is very long and all this information and more can be
found in this forum.

You can get better, if you choose to do the things that will
improve your health.

God's Blessings and Guidance along the way,



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