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--Testimonials--Protocol Stops Panic Attacks & Foot problems gone--

Heart Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Heart Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 17 years ago
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--Testimonials--Protocol Stops Panic Attacks & Foot problems gone-- - Protocol stops panic attacks + foot problems
Hmm how be begin. Let me say this much. Its not how much the
protocol has helped me that I notice. Its how bad I feel when
I don't follow it! That's the most important thing for me to
Moreless has been the only one who has been able to make me
see that I am not now and never was "sick or diseased" as I've
always been let to believe. The simple fact is that I've
abused a healthy body for 30 years! My weakest links, so to
speak started coming out at about 25 in the form of Hives. The
main problems I'm battling are / were:
Hives / Allergies (came at 25 1st hay fever was at 13 are
food/chemical allergies at 26?)
Foot issues corns and infections (since o about 20 I'd say)
Acne (always their got bad in early 20's / worse at 28) never
get pimples but a lot of oil in my head!
Then came the panic attacks. Seeing how my mother who let a
similar lifestyle as I have, "went insane and died soon after"
in her early 30's, the panic attacks really scared me. All my
issues were getting out of control and I could no longer deny
After finding moreless, and learning knowledge that proved to
expand on things I had picked up from "other sources of truth"
things finally started to turn around. The protocol was able
to almost instantly stop my panic attacks and bring me back
into a proper state of mind. "ALL" my foot problems
disappeared too! My shoes that used to stink very badly, were
as clean as a operating room! It truly, amazed me and the
thing is, I never was expecting all these things to just
suddenly go away as if they had never been there! 100's of
little things.
The acne is still an issue. Some foot problems came back after
not following the protocol and eating "junk". Not the smell
but they will "itch"! The hives were gone all but for very
hard exercise on very hot days. Now its back but no wear as
bad as it was. Most food chemical allergies are still gone. No
panic attacks since after that "bad bath experience" either.
Human nature can be funny, as soon as something is gone, you
forgot it was ever their, at least until it comes back. One of
the greatest improvements was actually my "mental" health. I
have felt like myself for the past 6 months. I could not say
that before the protocol.
The last time my room mate went into DKA, about four months
ago, life got really hectic around here and I let old habits
creep back in. I will tell you now; acids are many times more
powerful then alkaline minerals. Do not think the "protocol"
can help you to be healthy and still continue to do and eat
bad things. You will loose all your progress fast! I know :)
That is why ML repeats that the 1st thing you must do is
"STOP" eating "JUNK"!


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