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--Testimonials--Moreless the Magician!!--

Hulda Clark Cleanses
Wormwood, Clove, Clarkia, Turmeric, Epsom Salt, Uva Ursi, Goldenr...

Hulda Clark Cleanses
Wormwood, Clove, Clarkia, Turmeric, Epsom Salt, Uva Ursi, Goldenr...

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Published: 16 years ago
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--Testimonials--Moreless the Magician!!--

backngold - Moreless the Magician!!!
Hi Moreless,
I wrote you a few months ago on this forum with a health
problem and you were nice enough to respond and give me your
thoughts. I wanted to give you an update. Here is my original
post -

"This may not have anything to do with ph but I noticed in the
previous thread you guys were talking about stomach
acid/digestion so maybe you can help me. My main symptoms have
been anxiety, brain fog, bad mold allergies,and some food
allergies. I had several colonics recently and there was a ton
of undigested food coming out plus I had no persistalsis. I
think some of my problems are tied to several aspirin
regiments I was on 3-4 years ago. The last one caused me to
have black stools for 3-4 days, meaning I was bleeding high
enough up the digestive track to have the blood digested. I
had an endoscopy last year and they found an abnormally high
amount of bile in my stomach. Considering you have to fast, it
shouldn't have been there. They also found in the duodenal
bulb "mild thickening with suggestion of nodularity in
duodenal bulb." I had surgery when I was 14 months, and they
attributed this to the surgery. I had a bleeding ulcer, plus
they enlarged my stomach opening and cut the Vega nerve.
Anyway, I am curious on what could cause bile to pool in the
stomach. I know that I have at least a mild case of candida,
for which I just started treatment. Do you think a congested
liver/gallbladder is the cause?? I have found that getting
different opinions from people with different backgrounds has
been helpful for me to try to pin down my health problems.

You were nice enough to write me back to give me your opinion.
Here is what you decided :

"Hi blackngold,

The bile of the Digestive system may supposed to be of an
Alkaline Nature, which may be supplied to the Digestive system
in the latter stages of the Digestion process after the
stomach area, which should mean that it should enter into the
intestine and colon area, so as to raise the pH to help finish
Digestion of the Fatty Acids and oils, as these may not be
Digested with Acids of the stomach !

The stomach is supposed to have Acids to break down the
Proteins and Fibers and Alkaline Minerals , which then pass on
thru the Rest of the Digestive system to be Neutralized , or
may we say, should be Neutralized before being Deposited in
your throne room !

Because of the many Different problems you have mentioned you
have been having, these all indicate that your Lymphatic
system may be too Acidic and thus your organs which are
supposed to produce the stomach Acids may not be working
properly , so part of the reason for Digestion problems and
Candida etc !

Not all is as it may seem to be !

In this case, your body while it may be too Acidic, this may
have Caused the organ which produces Acids for the stomach to
"STOP" working properly and thus the problem of undigested
foods , because of a Lack of stomach acids !

For you must have stomach acids in order to have an Alkaline
Lymphatic system !

The bile in the stomach area may be because it is trying to
get the stomach to start functioning properly again, for you
may not have the proper Digestive flora in your Digestive
system any more !

For by adding Alkaline Minerals to the stomach area, this
automatically may Cause the organs of the stomach which are
supposed to produce Acids to start functioning again !

What I would suggest is that "IF" you are or have taken "ANY"
antibitoics, that first you give yourself some good enemas to
clean out your colon !

Then you may need to find some good quality probiotics to
start taking in order to reestablish the proper Digestive
flora, so that you may be able to Digest your food !

And I would learn to "STOP" eating "ANY" proteins 4-6 hours
before bedtime !

Eating too many Proteins may "KILL" off your Digestive flora !

Also The Alkalizing drink may help you turn your problems
around , for it has the weak acids of ACV or lemon juice,
which may help the stomachs Digestion as well as supply
Alkaline Minerals from the Lime water and the Kelp and the
Blackstrap Molasses!

Smile Tis your choice"

To tell you the truth Moreless, I never really did anything
with the post. I am 38 and have been having bad health
problems the last 5 years and one of my big things is to get
as many opinions from people as possible regarding the
possible cause of my problems. I wrote you right around the
time I had to put down my 16 year old dog and I don't know if
this is what made me forget about you. Anyway, as you can see
from my post, I mention a lot of digestive issues, but what is
very interesting is that I showed no classic signs of
digestive distress : stomach pains/cramps, gas, bloating,
diarrhea, constipation etc. I have spent thousands of dollars
and seen many different "doctors" (some MD's, some not) over
the last few years and none really traced this back to a
digestive problem. My BIGGEST symptoms and complaints were
mold allergies, anxiety, brain fog and poor circulation. Well,
the other day I was thinking about it and wrote all of my
symptoms down starting from my stomach problems as a child to
the present day. Two symptoms not in my post are severe dark
circles under the eyes and what I call a "different" from of
constipation. I had always thought of constipation as passing
hard, dehydrated stools that hurt when they come out. I never
have this. My stools are soft and well formed. However, since
these health problems have flared up the last 4-5 years my
bowel habits have changed and food takes a LOT longer to pass
through me. Sitting at my computer I realized that tests on me
had shown bile to be present and "good" bacteria to also be
present, but what is the other essential ingredient to
digestion? You got it - Acid. I researched low stomach acid on
google and came across a site describing hypochlorhydria,
which is a lack/shortage of stomach acid production, and EVERY
symptom I have was listed. Also, I have had a reddish face for
years and wouldn't you know that rosacea is one of the
symptoms of this (and I thought it was from all of the
drinking I did in college lol!). Anyway, my main "doctor" is a
kinesiologist (which Maya is one) and I saw him on friday and
told him my suspicions. He checked my digestion through muscle
testing and wouldn't you know it he could see that I wasn't
making hydrchloric acid. He figures that it was something that
happened during the third trimester of development, probably
due to my mom's diet. He said this before I told him that my
mom smoked and drank all throughout my pregnancy. This guy is
amazing. We have been dealing with all of the symptoms that
this condition has caused me, especially debilitating anxiety
and mold allergies. His supplements and homeopathics have
knocked down my anxiety, but when it is there it is like a
powerful wave that originates in my stomach and moves up to my
head. This all happens in a split second, but it was one more
clue that led me to believe that my stomach was the root cause
of everything. Stomach acid is critical to keep down mold,
bacteria and parasites in the gut, and in a sense you can view
it as part of your immune defense. Also, the fact that I have
a lot of food just sitting in my gut fermenting and rotting
because of no stomach acid is very bad - this warm, wet
environment is the perfect place for mold to take hold. My
kinesiologist diagnosed me with a bad mold infection the first
time I ever saw him. And he told me it was probably in my gut.
Digestion is probably the most critical aspect of health. It
can cause so many problems if something goes wrong. Anyway,
this kinesiologist has put me on a regiment. I will be taking
2 hydrochloric acid pills (HCL plus) with each meal. This is a
temporary solution to provide immediate relief. I also will be
taking 2 drops of a homeopathic every morning to provide a
longterm solution. This will trick my body into believing that
it is deficient in stomach acid and force it to make more on a
permanent basis. It is pretty incredible seeing this
kinesiologist at work. He is located 15 minutes from my house
but has people flying in to see him from all over the world. I
think he said that his office was one of the few that had the
vials for this specific muslce test. Anyway, as I said
earlier, you were the only guy that honed in on this specific
problem. I came to the same conclusion on my own, but you beat
me by a few months. I hope you sleep easier knowing that you
busted 6 doctors in white coats at the world renown Mayo
Clinic in Arizona who parted me with 6 Grand!!! (well actually
they parted my parents from the money). As I mentioned
earlier, I saw many different "doctors" over the last several
years and had many different tests done, and to tell you the
truth it was the best thing I could have done. I was able to
pick something interesting and useful out of each one. The
endoscopy from the Mayo showed the bile reflux, which as you
stated showed that my liver/gallbladder was trying to
overcompensate for a lack of acid. My acupuncturist did the
three pulse test on me and my liver and kidney were strong but
my pancreas (digestion) was weak. The colon hydrotherapist
alerted me to the lack of peristalsis and all of the
undigested food. I has some inital food allergy testing with
an M.D. that showed the mold. My kinesiologist picked up a
million things. He was the only one who I listened to, and
still do, but I think getting a diversity of opinion is
critical. That is why I am glad all of you guys are on
curezone. What works for someone doesn't always work for
someone else. As my kinesiologist told me, everyone has their
own biases. Thanks!!


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