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Re: zeitgeist
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: zeitgeist

The BIBLE has its roots in Egypt Pyramids. The new testament is what started the world war that has never ended..It took the story of Paul and created the pope's saints/jesus. Paul was a teacher of the ancient ways that he learned from the Monks. Jesus and the saints and most all the humans spoke of in the bible never lived or if they did, their name was only used as an alagory.

The Bible repeats the same stories ovr and over using differant names. The Book of Revelation explains the earth cycle and the catholic church/government/fall.

Branham had the powers of Paul, many people seen him as God, same as they called Paul; God. They say 100% of what Branham seen in his visions came true, no matter how many years it took to come.

Branham never wrote anything, Brother Vayle wrote his book an Branham OKed the book. So in fact, those who want to believe in Jesus, this Branham book would be no differant than reading a book written by Jesus or Paul. So I suggest this is one of the greatest Books ever written that explains why we are all so screwed with this war the catholics created 2,000 years ago and every catholic person on this planet promotes this war against all non-catholics on this earth.

If you understand this war that the pope started, then you can never be fooled again, you recognise the enemy and your eyes are forever opened.

He spoke to church going people, extremely enslaved people that grew up knowing ONLY JESUS, so Branham spoke their language, otherwise they would have stoned him to death if he spoke the total truth. He knew God does not care what name you want to call him, as long as you "BELIEVE" in God and come to him in you times of need and joy. So who cares if you call him jesus, buda, etc...If you love God, you pass, God has no name. We are all his children, so to say he has a name would be false.

Branham has so many clues in his speach/book if you think he believes the Bible is the word of GOD, then you are indeed living in total darkness, but I believes 90% of the people that watched him, had ZERO CLUE what the truth is and BRANHAM was sick and tired of their IGGNORANCE.............

Those close to Branham knew he was tired of these stupid people who denied GOD and only wanted free-bees at no cost to them. These stupid church goers wanted a MIRACLE and NEVER turned their lives over to god..............They never undestood who Branham was and followed him around to see the next miracle.

They refused to lay down their old life. No differant than what the Bible said about Paul/Jesus. The iggnorant people see the profit as GOD and the profit's job was to rtell the people about God and were given gifts of miracles to show the people the POWER of GOD.

Today's church says NO WORKS, just give your life to Jesus and you go to heaven with streets of GOLD.

Hospitals teach opposite of BOOK I

SO churchs often own Hospitals.
Governments own churchs and hospitals.

Teached the government/church was EVIL anti GOD.
Branham teached no differant

ONLY ONE MAN has walked this earth that could install eyes to the blind or born with out eyes and this man walked with out fear of all governments and drew a crowd on purpose and installed fear among all who were witness and this man was ELIJAH. Brother Vayle the author of Branham's book asked Branham; are you ELIJAH and he said: it is I.

After I put Branham's book on the school, I will later put a small book written by Vayle that explains the miracles he witnessed as being Branham's buddy / fellow pastor.

Brother Vayle believes 100% in predestination. Dr. John Christopher makes it very clear, that he also belived 100% in predestination (even though he was a mormon by religion). I believe 100% in predestination, the Bible says so as well. God is our teacher/father and our life is was laid out before this earth was created, we did not choose to be born nor will we choose to die, all was preplanned long ago to further our education.

I don't expect many people to have a clue what Branham may or may not have believed, because his book says JESUS on every page and every miracle he spoke into action was in the POWER of JESUS! yet, those with eyes can clearly see his book is attempting to explain the foundation of the Bible and "IF" you YANK that foundation down to its knees, you see that the name Jesus was a creation of the Pope and the stories were really of PAUL, the MONK.

MONK are masters of VEILING, the entire BIBLE IS VEILED, the 300 MONKS that the pope enslaved to decifer all the languages of this world, so the old testament could be written, pre-knew the POPE would murder all 300 when their work was done, so the MONKS veiled the info, the pope him self does not understand the BIBLE and NO CATHOLIC person on this planet will ever understand it; this is their punishmentand they all greatly fear death and I know plenty of catholic people and NOT ONE that I know believes 1 freaking word the church has told them, but they play the game they were born into so they can keep their MONEY/POWER in the community.

I am in a lucky spot, Brother Vayle is in his nineties and he and Branham highly believed in proper diet and herbs. I am his herbalist and because I wanted to give him all his herbs for free for the rest of his life, he 100% believes Dr. John R. Christopher is using me to make these herbs for him; because Vayle helped Dr. Christopher out over 40 years ago and the favor has now returned when he needed it the most.

Vayle has no problem believing such things, he is a pastor you can talk with freely the very first time you meet him; nothing like these organized pastors living behind a FAKE robe of fear.

Vayle speaks with 100% authority, if you ask him a question, he tells you the answer and thats it, don't come back with the same problem wanting an easy way out. He doesn't tell you to do anything, he knows you will do what you must do, to further your education on this earth, as you were predestined to do. He clearly tells all that you are one on one with GOD and no two people are on the identical path.

The Branham book is a must read regardless if you read it literly or as a occult book, because it is one of the greatest occult books ever written. The ONLY sure fire way to know, is the fact Branham was burried under a huge granit Pyramid grave stone.

NO PASTOR of a blind church in the USA will ever speak of a Pyramid and the church would say he was the DEVIL if he wanted to be burried under a Pyramid.

Pharmacudical companies basically own the christian churchs, they are the MONEY behind every church college, just like most all colleges and the money trail leads back to the mother church aka catholic government/un.


Just today, our local church wants a SPECIAL offering next week, $10,000 so the song pastor and his wife can take a church vacation.
$10,000 for the church member that owns the local club that host the church's decon's parties.
$20,000.00 for the local christian college where the pastors senmds their children to follow in the old man's trade. This cedarville christian college's largest sponsor is a pharmacudical company that just built their medical college addition.
$10,000 for the church member that leads the planned parent hood project in the county. The state has 88 counties, our county is not a poor county, HONDA of America took over our county 20 years ago, so you either make HONDA wages or you can't afford to live in this county and this county has the highest pregnancy rate in the state with girls as young as 8 years old pregnant in school and no doubt the agency in charge has the most $$$ to spend.
$5,000 to nicarga misson field,, etc.

The church doesn't see the need to help the poor, it sees the need to help its self. When you unveil the $$$$$$ it has Pharmacudical company written all over it with the trade mark NO TAXES statice.

When you walk into the average church, you also walking into the average hospital/government, you just don't know it, because you went to PUBLIC SCHOOL to be DUMB! My buddy is a BIG TIME Catholic and he told me this! He said clearly, you non-catholic people are trained in public schools, to be my slave and my children's salves. His children were sent to Europe to be trained and returned to run factories/businesses that hire public educated people such as myself and I gave 30 years of my life as blind as a bat, because I trusted my teachers in school and they were all FAKES from the get go, all so dumb they were the blind following the blind right over the cliffs.

The Branam book will set many people free and I am sure many a Christain has burned the book. No church on this planet can argue the book, it is a historical book that can explain the past 2,000 years better than any college book ever could.

The author, Brother Vayle, likes me very much; Jimmy says Vayle speaks of me to others more than anyone else he knows. Jimmy says that is a very rare thing that he has never seen before with Brother Vayle. Mr. Vayle gave me permission to use any of his works as I see fit; he knows it could not be any other way it was all predestined to be, so if you learn to go with the flow, the current can speed up and life become exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those who get caught in the cess pool can end up putting 30 years in a hell whole of a dirty factory like I did, you will suffer on this earth until you OBEY and TRUST your MAKER!

I do not kid that we humans are like cows being herded by the farmer, NO, I an dead serious when I joke about us being cows............we are all nothing more than cows to the farmers of this world and worth nothing more to them. We must be wise or be eliminated ever so easily. No differant than my dad did when a cow on the farm was no longer pulling her weight, one day she was happy, next day her body parts were being shipped all over the state. Now we all know how easy it is to have our body parts shipped all over, all you have to do is check that drivers license agreeing to it and that makes little differance, the will rob you anyway! Every morgue wants you before you turn cold, they will pick your dead body up at 2 am in the morning when they receive the call. Your gutted no differant than the common pig for butcher.

I admire the Amish, they don't got for that crap, they put you in a box with all your guts in tack.



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