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Re: Those "Sneaky" Monks, by MH

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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Those "Sneaky" Monks, by MH
Here are some nice selection of Rosary / Japa Mala Beads. Neem is very merciful to all, including beginners. Tulasi is for advanced chanters.
Notice the single bead with numerous strings on it. Good, this bead is the focus, it represents the Supreme Divine Couple. As one is chanting, one can become absorbed in hearing the transcendental sound vibration, while moving from one bead to the next on the normal 108 beads, there are many meditations one can do. One meditation, for instance, is we pray to serve the Divine Names of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, knowing the He and His names are One, yet at the same time his names are most merciful, because in this form He is ALWAYS available. No need for a phone, phone numbers, phone or electric company, just call on His Names.! : ) Oh yea, As you move around, you will find your fingers arriving at the 109th bead, (the Divine Couple *), yeah, I made it, 1 round of serving His holy names 108 times, now go back the other direction till you reach the 109th head bead. It is inauspicious to jump over the 109th bead, if you do, a simple apology works, especially if you offer Him a leaf, flower, water, or fruit with love and devotion, cause it’s the voluntary love and devotion that He’s after anyways, He has everything else. It’s the Simple acts of devotion that make all the difference.

You may run into persons that claim to chant a lot or have chanted in the past, and deny the whole process. Those persons never chanted and served His holy names with any loving devotion and so they reaped only what they sowed. Such persons only uttered syllables, and anyone who is serious about spiritual life, should never hear anything spiritual from such faithless persons. If you do end up hearing something from them, one should take a bath right away, I always found it good to read a passage or verse from a spiritual songbook or Bhagavad-Gita or any other authorized spiritual scripture.

In the beginning medicine can be bitter, but in the end, the results are sweet. So chanting rounds takes work. Your prayers involve effort. Your devotional mood, you pray to become sweeter, that you may meet genuine saintly persons who will give guidance on your journey. To pray to see the various forms of God and to see His Pastimes/Eternal times.

There is only one God and he has unlimited names and forms. You will meet others on your souls path who worship various forms of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. God like variety, so let it be. Knowing there is only one God, to what religion can you be converted to. God is beyond religion, religion is to help reawaken the soul to its natural position. Note that there is temporary and eternal religion.

Demigods is another word for Angels.

*Father, Son, Holy Spirit

Father = God = Supreme Personality of Godhead =
Son = Guru = Special potency of the Supreme Lord who descends to this world to reawaken our love for Him

Holy Spirit = Divine Mother = Feminine Transcendental Potency of the Supreme Personality of Godhead

@ not all souls will see God as the Father. Souls will see according to their adhikara, their level of devotion, how much divine eyes has been given them, and their rasa.

5 Main rasa are santa, dasya, sakya, vatsalya, madurya. I use vedic terms cause vedic terms are easier for me to understand. You may be different.

One form of madurya is when a nun puts on a ring and gets married to Christ or God, Their mood is He is my beloved, and so this mood He is my Father is no longer any personal concern for that soul. They may know mentally, but spiritually it is different for them.
A parent may have a child that is 55 years old, but still, their child they will always consider you are my child.

A king (father) may have a young child that wants to play horse, so the king assumes the position of horse and lets his son ride on his back. It is play and it is a service, in the mood of vatsalya.

Ordinary persons can do this, and God can do anything. So don’t try to put God, or His devotees in a box!


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