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Re: why do you take iodine?
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: why do you take iodine?

I started on Iodine (and oil pulling) because of a big list of symptoms doctors can't seem to find causes or solutions to. Despite the list of symptoms, they say I'm pretty healthy. I just feel like I'm dyin' because I'm so tired, fatigued and sore. I feel like I'm 120 instead of going on 39. The majority of these problems I've had since childhood, but have escalated over the last 7 years. Symptoms: Sleep problems, Fatigue, No energy, No appetite, Canít lose weight, Weakness, Dizziness, Always cold, Can't tolerate heat over 75įF, Slow healing, Lethargy, Memory problems, Muscle pain, Sensitive to light, Bruising easily, Red face, Neuropathy, Migraines, and Stress adds to fatigue. I'm probably forgetting something, but these are the main issues.

Now, it's quite possible any one is causing all the others, like maybe my chronic sleep problem could be causing all of the other symptoms.

Iíve had 3 sleep studies, and they canít find a cause ... arouse an average of 139 times in an hour, no apnea, RLS or narcolepsy. Never reach level 3 or deeper sleep, just levels 1 (awake), 2 (drowsy/light sleep), and REM. No sleep meds help. About the only thing I donít think theyíve ever tested were adrenals or hormones.
Blood tests showed OK, antibodies for mono (though I donít ever recall having it).

I also have had two neurologists check out the neuropathy (pins & needles feeling), and they havenít found a cause. Meds never helped. Have had two head MRIs, latest was two years ago (previous two years earlier), with contrast. Checked for MS, etc. Looked OK.

Had basic thyroid blood test about 2 years ago, plus X-ray ... right side slightly enlarged, but they didnít think it was a problem (was getting a ďstuck in the throatĒ feeling, plus with the sleep/fatigue issues, theyíd thought thyroid was a possibility).

Soooo, I tried Iodine supplementation along with oil pulling in mid-July, which did start to help out, but I had to back off in September because of some things getting worse. It may have worsened because insurance wouldn't cover the birth control pill I was on, so the doc switched me to Yaz. When I started Yaz, I started to get worse, but it didn't register until I started reading in this forum about adrenal problems. Well, I read in the documentation for the Yaz NOT to take if you have adrenal problems. Probably the ONLY two things the doctors have not checked on for me are adrenal problems and hormone levels. For a month I stopped taking the Iodine and complimentary supplements so I could make sure I wasn't feeling worse due to them or detox. Was still worsening. So when I finished with my 2nd month on Yaz, I had a pack of my old birth control pill left so started back on it. After one week (this past week), I actually had enough energy to enjoy an amusement park with the kids. I'm not 100%, probably 60-70%, but that's way better than the 40% I was feeling.

I go back to the doc next week. I plan to discuss with him the Yaz, and see if he'll test the adrenals and hormone levels. If he will do the testing and there is no adrenal issue I will start up again on the iodine. If it is adrenals, I believe from the reading I've done in this forum that I need to address them before any undiagnosed thyroid issues the docs may have missed. From what I've seen the iodine DOES help me. I just think I need to confirm adrenal and hormone issues first, then I'm back to the iodine all out!

Ladies, if you're on Yaz or Yazmine, google the side effects. It's scary what women are going through without knowing how awful it is for them. There are some women who don't have issues, but I was quite alarmed when I saw the huge numbers who aren't doing well on it. Yaz and Yazmine are man-made hormones. If I'd known that in the first place, I never would have started it.


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