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There are lies, damned lies and then mainstream statistics
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Published: 14 years ago
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There are lies, damned lies and then mainstream statistics

More of the same - if you cannot do better than that you are wasting my time and everyone else's on this forum.

The problem here is that you are unable to dispute facts and so you ignore them, try to discredit them or deflect them - such as your continued harping on the Goodwin Award winner bit.  As you know, that refers to using the term Nazi in analogies to incite emotions.  However, what I cited was historical fact and you cannot dispute it or hide it with a jingoistic term:

Now, are you going to tell us that the IG Farben group was not Hitler's largest backer?  That they did not use prison labor to build IG Auschwitz?  Of that they were not tried and convicted at Nuremberg? Or that they were not subsequenly released by their former business partner and then Secretary of State Nelson Rockefeller? No, because you CAN'T dispute what is indisputable.  Just as you could not dispute a post full of facts, and your milquetoast attempt to pass them off is pathetic.

If YOU cared for the elderly as much as I do and had a partner who volunteers her time caring for the elderly every week you would not have them risk all the side effects of the flu shots for difference of 1/10th of 1 percent to 4/10th of one percent.

Furthermore, you would not keep pepetuating mainstream lies about the flu.  You like the term lie?  Well here is a stellar example:

Mainstream medicine is warning us that an average of 36,000 people die each year from the flu.  However, when you examine the CDC figures, an entierly different story emerges.  You see, the CDC lumps influenza and pneumonia into one category and then uses the total deaths to scare people into getting flu shots.

For example, according to the CDC’s most recent death statistics located on their Web site, influenza and pneumonia killed 62,034 people in 2001. That means, in light of the current statistic, that just over half of those deaths should have resulted from the flu. This, however, is far from true.

Upon further investigation of the Web site, you will find that the actual number of deaths caused by the flu came to 257, with pneumonia accounting for the remaining number of deaths.

Here are the REAL flu death figures as reported by the CDC, who publishes them every other year (one can only wonder why there have been no updates sincd 2002):

1979: 604
1981: 3,006
1983: 1,431
1985: 2,054
1987: 632
1989: 1,593
1991: 1,137
1993: 1,044
1995: 606
1996: 745
1997: 720
1998: 1,724
1999: 1,665
2000: 1765
2001: 257

Don't believe me, facts man?  You can download the file containing the figures HERE and go to page 9 and voila! There they are - The Big Lie!

And more is the shame on those who perpetuate and defend it!

Are you truly that blind or are you one of their stooges? Either way, I have nothing further to debate with you - you had your chances and then some and you blew it.

Now, I suggest you take your worthless apologist information and go where someone might be gullible enough to believe it.  This is not the place.  Or carry on, if your prefer, it is a free forum, within limits.  Good luck on the reception you are going to get if you continue.



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