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Image Embedded Too much fried bacon in one day is indeed dangerous

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Original Hulda Clark
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Dquixote1217 Views: 4,507
Published: 14 years ago
This is a reply to # 1,022,443

Too much fried bacon in one day is indeed dangerous

And now we have humor too?  I mean, it really is roll-on-the-floor funny to see YOU accuse any other person or organization of spreading misinformation when by definition, your posting of the mainstream doctine makes YOU the one who spreads misinformation. And when you attempt to spread it here you are attempting to pass it off to an audience who has come here because they have rejected mainstream medicine's unconsicionable campaign of lies designed purely for profit so they can continue their monopoly on our bodies, steer us away from safer, more effective and less expensive solutions that work and doom us to a lessened quality of life in a lifetime of managed illness.

OK, despite my vows to cut back on pork in general and friend bacon in particular, let me get the frying pan back out and make a note to do some serious artery flushing.  You ready to sizzle?  Here goes:

Did you happen to note the date on the article you quoted and linked to in your original report?  Hmmmmm?  Just a trifling detail:

Sep 23, 2005 (CIDRAP News) and Jefferson T, Rivetti D, Rivetti A, et al. Efficacy and effectiveness of influenza vaccines in elderly people: a systematic review. Lancet 2005;Sep 22

The article I posted here in the "breaking news" forum came from the study published in the Lancet THIS MONTH:

Simonsen L, Taylor RJ, Viboud C, et al. Mortality benefits of influenza vaccination in elderly people: an ongoing controversy. Lancet Infect Dis 2007 Oct;7:658-66

Ruh Roh! (or should I say "OINK!"?)

I am sure that mainstream medicine and their minions consider Healthy News Service and it's sister publication What Doctors Don't Tell You "fringe websites devoted to various scare stories and misinformation", but those who seek answers beyond the control of an industry whose top managers were sent to prison at Nuremberg for crimes against humanity (and have not gotten any more benevolent or caring when it comes to profits versus humanity) would view such sites in a much different light.

Let's take a look at all the radical "fringe" scare stories posted there right now:

Doctors Name Healthiest School Lunch Programs in United States   (10/16/2007)
Genetically Modified Corn Better for Agribusiness, May Harm Environment   (10/12/2007)
Kaiser Permanente Study Shows One in Seven Women are Depressed Before, During, or After Pregnancy   (10/11/2007)
Flu Shots: They don't protect the elderly, new data reveals   (10/11/2007)
Asthma: Around 15 per cent of cases caused by cleaning sprays   (10/11/2007)
Fluoride in Our Water: Governments push it despite lack of evidence   (10/11/2007)
Heart Attack: Stress at work can cause it, and again   (10/11/2007)
High Blood Pressure: If you want to know the truth, test it at night   (10/11/2007)
Appendix: It's not useless after all   (10/11/2007)
CDC Presents First State–by–State Data on Work Limitations Caused by Arthritis   (10/11/2007)
Biofuels Worse for the Environment Than Fossil Fuels   (10/11/2007)
Parabens In Cosmetics: Friends or Foes?   (10/11/2007)
What's Really in Your Food?   (10/10/2007)
Breast Cancer Deception: New Report from Mike Adams Reveals Profit Motive Behind the Pink Ribbons   (10/10/2007)
Data on Life Expectancy Show Many Countries Clustered in High Mortality Traps   (10/10/2007)
Is the USDA Really 'On the Job'?   (10/9/2007)
Survey Finds Steady Decline in Businesses Offering Health Benefits to Workers Since 2000   (10/9/2007)
Great American Smokeout 2007 - Let Acupuncture Help You to Quit   (10/9/2007)
A Crusader at Pitt Tells How Cancer Prevention Was Stymied   (10/6/2007)
Executive Order Paves the Road to 'Interoperable' Medical-Records Tracking of 100 Million Americans   (10/5/2007)
National Health-Policy Q&A   (10/5/2007)
Tobacco Taxes to Fuel Expansion of Children’s Federal Health Program   (10/5/2007)
Compulsory Universal Health Insurance: Neither a New Idea nor a Good On   (10/5/2007)
NCCAM Expands Centers of Excellence in CAM Research Program   (10/5/2007)
Vaccine Damage: Parents receive $2B compensation pay-outs   (10/5/2007)
Nut Allergy: It's because they never eat nuts   (10/5/2007)
Prostate Cancer: Therapy may spread the disease   (10/5/2007)
Annual Check-up: It's a waste of time and money, say doctors   (10/5/2007)
Heart Attack: It makes your doctor proud   (10/5/2007)
Drug Trials: Nobody checks, nobody knows   (10/5/2007)
Migraine: Not Just a 'Woman's Disease'   (10/4/2007)
National Massage Therapy Awareness Week   (10/4/2007)
Farmers Struggling to Cope with Rising Healthcare Costs    (10/4/2007)
Deficiency of Immune System Peacekeeper Pinpointed in Mice as Cause of Ulcerative Colitis   (10/4/2007)
Smoking Rates Highest Among People with Disabilities   (10/4/2007)
U.S. Food Safety: Recipe for Disaster   (10/4/2007)
Bush Veto of Child Healthcare Bill Leaves Mercury in Vaccines   (10/4/2007)
Significant Advances in Dietary Supplement Research Highlighted in 2006 Annual Bibliography   (10/1/2007)
Burns: The trace elements that can aid healing   (9/30/2007)
Teenage Suicides: Are antidepressants the unrecognized cause?   (9/30/2007)
Anaemia: Hormone drug is dangerous   (9/30/2007)
Avandia: Major danger is in the first year, says new study   (9/30/2007)
Cough Remedies: Don't give them to the under-2s   (9/30/2007)
Breast Cancer: Just because your mother had it, it doesn't mean you will   (9/30/2007)
Mental Health: Just 18 per cent of Americans are ever treated   (9/30/2007)
Diabetes: Try green tea instead   (9/29/2007)
Heart Attack: Traffic pollution increases the risk   (9/29/2007)
Bottled Water: Now they can put fluoride in it   (9/29/2007)
Breast Cancer: Western diet could be to blame   (9/29/2007)
White House Declares Science Priorities for FY 2009 — Engineering Over Environment, Applied Over Basic, Corporate Over Public   (9/27/2007)

Those aren't scare stories, buddy - those are just informational articles, albeit a lot of which some whose hindquarters bear your lip prints would love to see buried.  The folks over here want to see exactly that kind of information - and I bet you that a large number of them will be looking at one or more of those stories when they see this post.  Thanks for yet another opportunity for me to pass such information along.

Now, why don't you follow up with a post on the NEJM study also published this month that ballyhoos how effective Flu Shot are?  I have an answer ready when you do.

Better still, how about re-thinking your strategy.  You are playing to a tough crowd here when you try to peddle mainstream bullcrap.  They by and large came here in the first place because they rejected being fed lies, false promises and dangerous drugs. Maybe you should consider a more friendly audience and pursuit.  Like selling white hooded robes in the hood or maybe Doc Martin boots outside the Synagogue?


P.S.  I did recently post some "old news" of a much more pleasant kind.  Think of it as medicine for the soul:


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