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Unfortunate event -
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Published: 11 years ago

Unfortunate event -

Hello all,

I'm not sure what to really say, but I'll say what's on my mind because I haven't got much time left. The last thing I want to do is to harm the Humaworm business in any way, especially for those who have benefited from Humaworm. This is directed mostly at newcomers who are not quite sure whether their ailments are parasitic in nature or not. This is my story.

At the start of this year I experienced a sudden increase in floaters in my left eye. Unhappy with my eye specialists diagnosis that it is part of the ageing process (I'm 27), I looked elsewhere for answers. I came across the floaters forum on Curezone and saw a post suggesting that floaters were in fact parasites in your eyes. I entertained this possibility rather blindly without consulting my GP or specialist. That post referred me to Humaworm, which informed me that my problem might be due to pork tapeworms. Thinking this could be possible, and of the other potential benefits of Humaworm, I tried it out. A pretty uneventful 30 days during the cleanse and the floaters did not go away, it later turned out that the floaters are due to a form of uveitis, which most opthalmologists would overlook. 3 months post the cleanse, I started developing burning pains in my feet, followed by progressive muscle twitching all over, and increasing muscle soreness and weakness and loss of muscle bulk. Now, a further 3 months later, I've been diagnosed with an aggressive form of ALS, or what Americans know as Lou Gehrigs disease, a terminal incurable illness. I've gone from an otherwise healthy young man, to someone dying a cruel death in a matter of months. I have since researched ALS extensively and found that there is usually an unidentified trigger that kickstarts the neurodegenerative process. I initially thought, if the cleanse had anything to do with this, I would have got symptoms right away. Further research showed that you need to lose 1/3 of your anterior horn cells (cells in the spinal cord that feed signals to your motor nerves), before you experience any symptoms of ALS. Tracking back, the only thing that I could have been exposed to at any point this year to trigger anything like this was the parasite cleanse. Of course there is no way of proving this exactly, but there is no other logical explanation (believe me, I've taken EVERYTTHING into consideration). The most likely scenario is that the cleanse somehow has caused a virus or other infectious agent to get to, and possibly get into, these cells and kill them off (research has shown mycoplasma and enteroviruses are possible culprits). Conventional and alternative medicine has no way of treating this disease.

I know this will cause a lot of grief for RG and loyal Humaworm customers, but I wish with all my heart that it wasn't this way. I know I should have consulted a physician before doing the cleanse (as Humaworm states on your disclaimer), but I thought there would be no harm in taking natural herbs, just like anyone else. I also have found out that ALS may require a genetic predisposition which requires a specific trigger to begin the disease. I am just one unlucky bloke who should have known not to make a scientifically uninformed decision without MD consultation, and I have to live with that haunting me for the rest of my days.

My advice: for those that have benefited from Humaworm good luck and hope thigs keep going well. For anyone with undiagnosed medical conditions that may be due to parasites, see an infectious diseases specialist and do every test under the sun, and inform them that you are going to do a herbal parasite cleanse to obtain their opinion. If all points to a parasite source of the problem, then Humaworm may well be your thing. To learn this has pretty much cost me my life, and for what, a few specks in my eyes.

I am sorry to have to report this, I know it will cause shock and grief in the Humaworm community, but I thought it should be known that unless you are completely sure you have parasite problems, it's probably not worth putting your body through the cleanse. Yes, 90% of the population may have parasites, but thay can go about their lives no problem, and live their lives and plan their futures.

I know that Humaworm is an honest company with quality herbs, and have many happy customers that should continue to cleanse themselves, but just like any other medicinal compound, people should be aware that there is the remote possibility of adverse effects in susceptible individuals. I am the absolute extreme of that. I in no way blame Humaworm for my plight, I blame myself for not thouroughly researching my problem first and consulting many specialists before starting this herbal cleanse.

I know this post will be pounced upon, but I hope everyone realises I'm way past the stage of being angry, I've come to accept this has been my destiny, as tragic as it is. The only thing I wish to gain from this is to make long time users and the Humaworm team make more of an effort to insist new customers run it by their doctors first, because I'm sure I'm not the only one who has failed to do so.

DB, 27yo male from Oz.

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