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Realization, post flush RANT...
dogbert04 Views: 1,186
Published: 17 years ago

Realization, post flush RANT...

I had to post this here to see what FEEDBACK I can get. I'm just having a pissy day and I can't stand being "ill" like this today.. 1. Has my liver been messed up since I was a kid????????????? 2. I want a beer now and then - am I so impaired that it's killing me?? 3. what herb or whatever can give me a sense of release from life for a few moments like a beer does...?? (I brew my own, fairly natural beer...) - I have cut back to only a beer now and then, and then I nurse it over an hour or more... No more DRINKING... - presently both sides under my ribcage feel swollen and I have a warm slightly burning feeling in my gallbladder - or what I have come to know as my GB... I feel like I haave some abdomenal swelling... It aint fun. I'm walking around at work today, thinking "wow, I had hay fever allergies as a child, like when I was 12" ... "My liver must have been messed up then... I"M MAD! Guys, what the heck, of all the other things we have to deal with, HOLY HE**, or as dear old dad used to say HE**'s BELLS.... Oh man. I am through my 10th, maybe even my 11th GB/liver flush. IT was the BIGGEST one yet. I'm talking big man sized thumbtip stones stuck together in a big mass. The stones covered the surface of the pot-water. Amazing. How long has my liver been messed up!@!@??? and WHY???? Hulda must have known rightly, environmental toxins. All the years my parents fed us margarine because it was better for us than butter!?!?! NY water polluted by chemicals released into the finger Lakes watershed... My parents now eat a more natural diet, but suffering from CLL - chronic lymphocytic leukemia. sheesh Notable Flush history: on My first flush I got penny diameter stones, about 24. and all the small stones. On about flush 6 I have round/flat things stuck in 2 stones, look like thin pieces of leather darker on top, grey ish on bottom... liver flukes???????? This flush, big, soft, light green "stones" They look more recently formed... wow, I used a whole bottle of MH dewormer for about the month before this 11th flush, I also used a tsp of malic acid in water then drank water every day for a week before the flush... The ES are the worst part of the flush for me. I mix it in the smallest amount of water possible to try to get it all down in one gulp. Then chase with filtered water. (brita). I also drink a lot of water the day before the flush so it doesn't dehydrate me. I had that happen on the first one I think. The watermelon cure helped my kidney discomfort though. ................... My friend (and I) as teenagers had all the allergies, allergy shots, you know where he is now? Divorced (related???), ex-alcoholic, severe diabetic.... and relatively disabled. Folks, he was a sports jock in H.S.... I had allergies back then too, but not shots. I did them as an adult, now that I am on curezone I am AFRAID to think how much those things messed up my liver more than it was. Not to mention the antibiotics and other crap for all the recycled ear infections and sinus infections.... How many more of you are out there with this type of history!!? More to come, I am going to give my fluke impaired systems a rest. My brain fog will lift and the rant may continue, unless I got enough out now... Blessings to you all. I forgive you all right now your own beliefs (I'm kidding to the extent of sarcasm but the rest is serious) if you will permit me to say in parting, may the Lord hold you in kindness and love in the palm of his hand and support your healing efforts. Dog

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