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LN, here is a theory I have partially developed about how it works..
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Published: 12 years ago
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LN, here is a theory I have partially developed about how it works..

But you are neither dense nor stupid, LNDolls :), so stop thinking that.

So there's more going on than you know about, so what? Aren't we all trying to figure out what's going on?

I mean, since the humungo big, omniscient "doctors" can't figure out what really actually is wrong with anybody until the person gets to *autopsy*.

I mean we who are currently *living* (And intending to stay that way) must use in vivo observation and shared communication to arrive at our missing answers, yes?

OK, done preaching and on to my theory:

I am noticing a difference between painting Iodine and ingesting it. I have used only Lugol's 5%, since I began ingesting Iodine and am currently taking between 10 & 15 horizontal drops per day, on the days which I take it.

With ingesting only, my skin did get much silkier and I love that. But there are some more localized issues with my skin, sinuses and respiratory system that seem to respond better to painting.

May I suggest that you paint some of your Iodine in about a fist-sized spot, right smack on your Solar Plexus, below the lower end of your Sternum, right below where your rib cage comes together? Not over the bones, but over the soft tissue (Mesentery).I used about 5 drops or so.

That's what I did, and within several seconds, I felt it rise to my face, lungs, nose, sinuses and Eustachian tubes. These things did not happen nearly as much nor as quickly when I painted 2 drops of Lugol's directly onto my face, nor when ingesting the Lugol's internally.

I think I am onto something here, and you can add to the data by testing this..

I think that there is some kind of Iodine gateway (Or maybe a membraneous wall that, in me, seems to be obstructed and may need help) from the inside to the outside of our bodies, and I hope to facilitate that highway by approaching it from both ends. I feel that for me time is of the essence, otherwise I'd just keep going and wait it out, knowing that eventually, things will clear up.

I do not have zits or anything like that, but there is some kind of hard, plastic-y substance which my skin is attempting to eject. It doesn't make a zit, it makes a bump similar to a clear blackhead, which I then have to scratch/dig off and out of the surface of my skin. These spots occur near Lymph nodes, and more near swollen spots, so I know that's what's going on.

I don't have many of them, but I know every inch of this burg, so to speak, and I know when something's happening that didn't before.

I can see from my irises that my Lymph system has been obstructed. I do know why it probably happened, I just want it gone from my physical system, *now*.

So there you have it, my theory of painting-does-different-than-ingesting.

If you give this a try, please post back so I know what happened.

Another possibility is, I may go to Potassium Iodide or-Iodate saturated solution for painting, but I haven't decided yet.


Good Health to All of Us,

Ladylove :)

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