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Edit Disallowed?

You have a privilege to edit your own messages during the first 24 hours or until somone else posts a reply to it.
Once someone else replies to your forum message, edit function is automatically disabled.

Edit function is automatically disabled if a message was posted longer then 24 hours ago!


To protect forum integrity and to limit forum abuse!
Edit function have been abused too much lately!

Related subject:  Forum Commando abuse


Can I request removal of my message from CureZone ?

You can request removal of your message from CureZone if nobody has replied to that message.  If a message has replies, we can only remove messages containing unique or personally identifiable information.

Removal of messages with replies would remove replies too!

To request removal of your message, provide a link to your message and contact webmaster here.

A message with replies can be removed if all the people who posted replies agree to their messages being removed or being rendered meaningless!

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