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Psychic Experiences Forum

There are possibly millions of people in the world who are, or learn to be, more sensitive than the majority of humanity. Their psychic perception is more accurate. They often receive psychic images about future events, hints to help others be happier, or to help ill people get well. Itís a shame that these more-sensitive-than-normal individuals have often been tortured, burned as witches, or live in ignorant condemnation even today.

Based on common usage today, psychic generally refers to "the psyche, or mind" and is distinguished ó perhaps unfortunately or unfairly ó from the spiritual. That is, some people do have genuine spiritual experiences but call them psychic. Or, often people who have no knowledge of higher levels of awareness brand all spiritual experiences as psychic, or mental, and dismiss them as imaginings.

If you should have a psychic experience ó i.e., see ethereal forms, hear voices, have tactile sensations about people beyond range of normal touch, smell fragrances others canít, see departed souls, glimpse possible future events ó write it down. Donít try to interpret or understand it right away. Examine it in the light of your normal consciousness and scriptural writings. If you think itís important or affects you emotionally, discuss it with someone you know to be spiritually attuned. You see, the problem with psychic impressions is that sometimes theyíre right, other times theyíre wrong. Sometimes these impressions are only partial and woefully incomplete. Sometimes, too, your psychic experience is a vivid reflection of what you want to experience ó a vivid fantasy.

You should not totally disregard your psychic experiences. Consider the foreman of a crew deep within an African diamond mine who suddenly received the psychic impression that the mine shaft was about to collapse on all his crew. He ordered immediate evacuation. As soon as his men were safely outside, the shaft collapsed into rock and rubble. Was the impression from higher consciousness or an intermediate psychic level? It could have been either. Fortunately, the foreman didnít file away his impression for later study. He acted on his "intuition."

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