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Use this forum exclusively to report health effects and Results achieved by liver flush: health benefits and health risks achieved by flushing Liver. Do not ask questions inside this forum! That is not what this foum is intended for! Posts should inlclude Medical Tests and Images, taken before and after a serii of Liver Flushes. Posts should include detail health history What to include: Blood tests: Liver function & Liver Enzyme Numbers Cholesterol Numbers HIDA scans MRI images CAT scans/Images Ultrasound images and measurements. Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Ringworm and other skin conditions (documented by images). Hair Loss condition (documented by images). Diabetes condition Weight Loss (documented by images) Success in curing other illness like: - Cancer - Aids - Arthritis (Rheumathoid and Osteo) - Cardiovascular diseases - Hypertension - Hypothyroidism - Hyperthyroidism - Osteoporosis - Alzheimer ... If you are interested in questioning liver flush, debating liver flush validity, criticizing liver flush or searching for scientific proof of liver flush, please access Liver Flush Debate forum and try to first read recommened messages. This forum is not for skeptical debates, it is open only for those who are willing to share their flush results.

To find Liver Flush Recipes, please click here Do not ask questions inside this forum!!! There is a Liver Flush Support Forum where questions about flushing will be answered. Before you ask your questions, you are advised to read Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Liver Flush. Posting skeptical questions inside this forum will be considered forum trolling, and messages will be removed. Repeated breach of those guidelines will result in permanent removal of your privilege to post messages on CureZone. This forum have had very many trolls in the past 4 years, and forum moerators will not tolerate any breach of those guidelines!!! It is your own resposibility to read forum description before posting messages inside this forum.

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