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This debate forum is open for those who want to question benefits and validity of liver flush. If you are interested in doing liver flush and supporting other people who are doing liver flush, please access Liver Flush Support Forum.

This is a forum specially created for liver flush skeptics, and for those who are interested in intelligent and civilized debate about liver flush.  Name calling and harassing forum members is not allowed, and if you persist in using inappropriate language, you will loose your privilege to post messages on CureZone.

What does it means: Intelligent and Civilized Debate?
Here are the rules:

If you ask a question, and someone answers your question, then it is civilized to reply to that answer and express your opinion about the answer. If you keep asking the same question, again and again, and you keep neglecting the answers, you will be labeled Forum Troll and you will loose your privilege to post messages on CureZone.

To find liver flush recipes, please click here.  Before you ask your questions here, you are advised to read Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Liver Flush. Most common questions asked by skeptics have already been answered more then once.

Forum Link1: Liver Cleanse/Flush Recipe
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