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Emotional Healing Forum

Resolving the feelings underlying issues that limit us and cause stress, anxiety, unhappiness and pain in our lives. Many of our problems are caused by old, unresolved emotions, that simply need to be felt and integrated in a safe and gentle way.

We live in a culture that teaches us to ignore and suppress our feelings.

Emotions burried alive NEVER DIE!

"Suppressed emotions drive us, causing negative thinking, stress and unhappiness which in turn may result in excessive mental activity, destructive behaviours, ill health, relationship difficulties and poor results generally. Further more, as we suppress our emotions we lose touch with our inner knowing, love and sense of who we are."

"Emotions are energy. There are four primary emotions: Sadness, Joy, Fear and Anger. Emotions arise in our interactions with the outside world. Which emotion is generated depends on our attitude to what happens.

When we turn our attention inside and journey within we discover feelings that are deeper than emotion such as peace, love and freedom. These qualities are aspects of 'Heart Intelligence' and this is where real transformation happens.

Whilst emotions will always dissipate as we feel them, 'Heart Feelings' actually get stronger the more we feel into them. We consider these heart feelings to be aspects of our true or eternal nature because they arise spontaneously from within us."--Nicholas de Castella

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