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Energized Water Support Forum

To energize water you will need:
Water - boil first to kill any critters that might also benefit from the negative charge.
A stainless steel or enamel container - a saucepan will do fine. Or you can construct a modified leydon jar by lining a plastic container, inside and out, almost to the top, with aluminum foil. The foil must fit snugly and cover the bottom as well as the sides. I use a 3lb. margerine tub.
A battery: I prefer a C or D battery - a weak battery won't work properly.
2 pieces of wire or 1/2in. strips of aluminum foil about 6 inches long. I use wire from an old toaster cord and stripped about 1/2in. of plastic from the ends.

Water is neutral by nature and giving it a negative charge is a simple matter of removing protons. To do this:

Fill your container about half full.
Hold the two pieces of wire to the positive and negative poles of the battery with the thumb and forefinger of one hand.
Place the positively attached wire inside the container and the negatively attached wire on the outside above the water line.
Pinch the wires together firmly for a second or two with the container side between them. You should feel no heat.
In electricity, positive follows the negative and so some protons will be removed. This will leave the water with a mild negative charge. Electrons and protons tend to jump back and forth, so don't pinch the wires together for too long or you might not get the results you need.

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