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Scientology faces criminal charges By CONSTANT BRAND
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  • They should face charges - it is an ... Dquixote1217  10years  5,624  

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    They should face criminal charges - it is an evil cult that lures in the unsuspecting and unwitting, brainwashes them and then threatens and blackmails the one who wake up and want to leave.

    My son was in the Narcanon program for awhile - a program that L Ron Hubbard followers denied having any connections with in court and elsewhere until it was impossible to hide the truth.  Like Scientology, there are some good concepts - but it all boils down to a cult of personality.  During the time my son was there, the Scientologists were still making denials of any connections.  Yet the facility had photos and quotes of L. Ron Hubbard pasted on virtually every wall.  Shades of Chairman Mao!




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