Just an added note:

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, the spokesperson for the OPPT, tags St. Germaine as one of the search terms for locating the UCC filed documents. Also, she lists those of the "Angelic Realm", St. Germaine, The Immortals & The Elders as being those that are "The Divines" as she calls them.

I had previously posted here some of what Chris Thomas has found through his research of the Akashic... from his book Project HUMAN EXTINCTION: The Ultimate Conspiracy, he states that St. Germaine & the hundreds of Angels & Arch-Angels, that channel messages to various human beings, as being also Velon entities - out to exploit gullible humans that are more than willing to be deceived by channeled messages.

From an American Kabuki Blogspot interview, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf says she was raised a Jesuit Catholic, was an attorney for international banking, worked overseas in high levels of banking trade, finance and international law, was offered a job as a bank director by a Rothschild client & worked with the Rothschild family to help resolve some issues. In that interview she also brings up the names of Fulford & Wilcock's Financial Tyranny.

Well, it was at this point, as I hadn't yet got all the way through the entire interview, that I got the distinct feeling that this was just another twist to all the other scams to distract people that are sincerely trying to find out the truth. IMO, this OPPT thing is just another BS agenda, a Drake/Casper dupe, talk of prosperity funds, the packets are on the way, Iraqi Dinar, NESARA, the St Germaine Trust and a Leo Wanta Funds thingy.

At the beginning of the Drake thing, people didn't like it when people doubted that it was real. Just more "fear mongering" as one was labeled. Well, the same thing can be expected from this. Because I think its total BS! As I had said before about Drake... Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf may have her heart in the right place, but I think she is being encouraged to proceed with this, yet she is unknowingly being used like tool.

I'm just a bit surprised that Max Igan & Lisa Harrison have fallen head-over-heels about this stuff. Lisa has interviewed both Chris Thomas & Frank O'Collins in the past. Perhaps, she should consider getting them back on to specifically get their take on the OPPT thing. I suspect that Chris Thomas has expressed his opinion on this OPPT thing because of the interview he had previously with Lisa Harrison.

Cheers - turiya