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>- You are still living in the medical Dark Ages.

No, I am not at all. I have in my closet an entire cancer history, including MRI's, CAT scans, PET scans (for bone metastases), Blood tests, etc. Not only do I have these, I know how to read them. I know what the blood test mean.

Also, I diagnosed my own cancer, even as to type, before I went to the doctor for confirmation. I ended up having to treat myself because they failed. So far with the blessings of my creator, I am still here.

Well, you are providing the source of you cure that I completely agree with and good for you.  But Hulda's hocus pocus had nothing to do with it.  The book that I was referring to earlier had more than 200 documented cancer cures including pancreatic cancer, with no medical intervention and the common thread was a positive outlook.  Additionally, the placebo effect (which is actually "caused" by the human spirit) has been documented to cure cancer and whether you attribute it to god (which I do - even if they are non-believers) or something else shows the power of human ability to deal with all disease without doctors.

>- Again, nary a fluke related to cancer has ever been found in North America and you concept of knee jerk diagnosis is really really sad, totally ill-informed, and way out of date.

Again, you are mistaken and do not know what you are talking about. Just because you don't know about it, does not mean that it does not exist. There are cases in the US where the liver fluke has been found in cancer patients, but again they are rarely reported or published.

What you fail to understand is that everyone who gets cancer, dies. Everyone who does not get cancer dies. Those who go through traditional oncological treatment die much sooner. Most oncologist would not take chemo or radiation for most cancers.

Oncology ranks cancers with a 5 year survival rate. The reason for this is that at about 7 years, you have a better chance of survival if you do not follow traditional chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.

Hulda says that the liver fluke is in ALL cancer.  That a fluke is found in a person with cancer in those very rare instances where you say they have been found (please document) is no different than the number of flukes in the population at large - but not Fasciolopsis buski.  My prostate cancer was diagnosed about 18 years ago and I refused medical intervention.  I will not die from cancer and I don't have parasites.

What you and the traditioanal medical establishment fail to realize is the how and why of cancer growth being enabled by flukes and other parasites.

That's another of your utterly ludicrous statements with nothing but Hulda to back it up.  With all the lab tests of every cancer, with CT scans and PET scans you think that that modern medicine is missing something?  Neither a fluke nor any other parasite has ever been found in me or the cancer tissue that has been removed from me including lung cancer.  It is impossible for these items you swear by to have been missed with all the testing that is done today.

Hulda was one giant hoax.

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    Here's a picture of fasciolopsis buskii that Hulda says in every cancer (and other places as well).  And you claim that modern medicine can't find them?  Even after investigating every cancer in the lab?  Hogwash!

    Fasciolopsis buski adult

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    One last thing regarding Hulda's treatments - and many alternative treatments for that matter, that is the placebo effect that I mentioned in another post.  (I do not consider her gallbladder flush or any of her parasite treatments to be her treatments as they have been used for decades in other places and she just copied them.  If she could cure parasites in the body she would have been awarded a Nobel Prize because malaria is caused by a parasite.)

    Placebo's power goes beyond the mind

    Scientists tap into fake pill's effects to help real pains

    Even though medical researchers told Chuck Park that he might be getting a sugar pill, the 30-year-old software producer was pretty sure he was getting the real thing. Just a few weeks into the clinical trial, Park’s depression started to lift. He began to feel less anxious and sad.

    So when Park learned he’d been taking a placebo all along, it was a surprise.

    “I was fully expecting to receive the real drug even though I knew that the placebo was a possibility,” remembers Park of Culver City, Calif. “I guess I wanted it to work — and in a way, it did....... (more at the link)

    An article published just a couple of days ago:

    Alternative Medicine Success Largely Due To Placebo Effect

    Human expectations and the power of the mind may be behind the success of many natural health remedies, according to an Associated Press report on Tuesday about the use and potential risks of alternative medicines.

    Known as the placebo effect, people sometimes feel better after taking a dummy pill or a faked treatment simply because they expect the treatment will work to improve their condition. 

    In other words, the brain has the ability to alter physical symptoms, such as pain, anxiety and fatigue.

    The healing power of the placebo effect was recently demonstrated during tests of a new drug that relieves the symptoms of lupus. The test found that one in three participants felt better after they received the dummy pills instead of the actual drug. ....(more at the link)

    That article indicates that over 30% of ALL healing is via the placebo effect, and yes MDs still use placebo pills, with success.

    I in no way negate alternative healing as I've had benefits from it myself, but when one person becomes a guru and is worshiped as the greatest healer on the planet with NO scientific data to back it up, I know that the placebo effect is in play.  

    There is not one scientifically documented case that Hulda Clark cured a cancer.  Not one that has been diagnosed prior to her treatment and then found to be healed after treatment via the medical profession.

    Hulda's brother died of cancer after her treatment and she died of cancer.  Not very good testimonials for her healing abilities.



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