What kind ofadditives are in food grade salt?
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What kind of additives are in food grade salt?
Is there a salt on the food market that is without additives?

This page is available here: http://www.saltinstitute.org/additives.html


The Food and Drug Administration requires food grade salt labels to show all additives. Thus, you can check the salt container to determine if additives are present.
All food grade salt available in the U.S. must comply with the National Academy of Science’s Food Chemicals Codex Sodium Chloride Monograph (1996).

It specifies that salt may contain up to 2% of suitable food-grade anticaking, free flowing, or conditioning agents.  Included in the 2%, salt may contain up to 13-mg/kg sodium ferrocyanide (YPS, yellow prussiate of soda) or up to 25 mg/kg of green ferric ammonium citrate (seldom used),, either of which prevents caking in table salt.

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