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The book that started it all!

"We never outgrow our craving, or our biological need, for salt." By explaining the human biological need for salt, de Langre makes a clear case for the consumption of whole, living salt. 12th Edition 1992. Illustrated, footnotes, bibliography. Perfect-bound. By Jacques de Langre, PhD. 102 pages.

The following information is from "Seasaltís Hidden Powers"  


What Natural Sea Salt Provides


The minerals that are present in sea salt, when ecologically extracted with manual dexterity and respect for life' s laws, are the 84 elements that are originally in the sea. None of these elements are removed from natural Celtic sea salt. Once redissolved in water or in the moisture of food as it cooks, this recreated "ocean" bears an amazing likeness to human blood and body fluids. Basic physiology validates the fact that the ideal replenishing substance, capable of maintaining or restoring health in humans, would have to be that very sea salt that has retained all of the elements of original seawater. Although the biological necessity has not yet been proven for each of these elements, it has been established that 24 of these elements are essential to maintain life. Many of these need only be present in parts per million (ppm) concentration in order to provide or restore essential biological functions. In fact, these trace elements are properly absorbed and utilized safely only when they occur in parts per million concentration. Here, concentration of these elements in excess of micro doses would cause clumping and provoke malabsorption in the living cells.

Ocean minerals and dissolved gases, besides providing a stable environment for marine life, also help to maintain the chemical and physical stability of the living organisms based on dry land, assuring the survival of the planet's flora and fauna.

The air above the ocean waters becomes saturate with, distributes and onstantly moves and releases the ocean's dissolved gases to all forms of land-based life around the globe. A large part of these airborne gases are destroyed by city pollution; luckily these same rare gases are locked within salt crystals as they form at the seashore, adding to the salt's effectiveness as biological regulators of our body's functions. Thus a clean and natural salt, with all these essential minerals and gases trapped within, is essential for effectively maintaining and restoring human energy. Interestingly, whenever natural Celtic sea salt is ground (not required or suggested) while being milled, the salt releases a subtle fragrance reminiscent of violets, another telltale sign that gases, floral-like vital essences, are being released.

The Attributes of True Salt

Salt is such an important part of our food that very close scrutiny, attention and sensitivity must be given to the process used to produce it so that the end product accurately fills our biological requirements. Most modem consumers are familiar only with the refined or boiled white, vacuum-evaporated product. To determine that a salt is a truly whole product of natural crystallization of the ocean, these guideposts will help. Only natural sea salt will have the following characteristics:

    1. It is light gray in color and, on standing,
         the color darkens slightly at the base of the container.
    2. It is moist to the touch and retains its
         moisture even when kept in cool storage for long periods.
    3. It is formed of very small, precisely cubic crystals.

Each of these three signs proclaims the natural sea salt's integrity and wholeness but also guarantees its effectiveness as an outstanding food/condiment/medicine combination that builds, maintains or restores optimum health.

The Importance of the Gray Color

Some of the minerals present in true natural sea salt are responsible for the salt's light gray coloring and attest to its power to support all biological functions. Natural products reveal their richness in minerals by their color. It is true of whole-wheat flour and natural unrefined sugar. By its total lack of color, white refined salt reveals its mineral deficiency and biological ineffectiveness.

Salt Moisture as a Vital Sign

The oceans are the lifeblood of the planet. All of the salt's essential trace and macro-elements stay within the crystal only as long as the moisture of that salt is retained. Applying any artificial heat will destroy the riches of the ocean while removing that moisture. If flash crystallized, kiln dried or boiled, the salt loses all. This water-retaining part of sea salt, centered around the magnesium salts that are highly water retentive, is called the mother liquor or bitterns. In the ancient traditional sacred medicine of the Celts, it is used to treat major physical and mental disturbances, severe burns, and other ailments. Today's biologists attest that the mother liquor restores hydro-electrolytic imbalance, a disorder that causes the loss of immune response, creates allergies, and causes many health problems. The therapeutic effect of mother liquor is recognized and used by the European medical profession, and is still in use today. Moisture assists the transfer of the energy of the great oceans themselves; if the oceans are the lifeblood of our planet, then natural sea salt creates the lifeblood of our organism.

The moisture always present in Celtic natural salt settles at the bottom of the container or bag, leaving the top part almost dry to the touch. Thus it is always advisable to mix the contents of the salt bag before its use. Natural sea salt is best dispensed from a salt cellar or a salt box; it readily dissolves in the moisture of the food and is usually added near the end of the cooking. To sprinkle dry on food from a shaker makes the salt slightly harder to assimilate. In this latter form, it also enters the system in a non-ionized form, thus it can create thirst and lessen some of its advantages.

The late French scientist Dr. Alexis Carrel kept a chicken heart alive for over 27 years by having the pulsating heart IN A SOLUTION OF SEA SALT, i.e. isotonic seawater.  Dr. Carrel voluntarily ended the experiment after a third of a century, having proven that living cells can have physical immortality.

Professor C. Louis Kervran with his scientific research and formulas has been an asset to the scientific establishment and he was a candidate for the Noble Prize. Professor Kervran links us to the secret of immortality and reveals its prime source is trace minerals from seawater [and used in] remedies. Other physicians continued research and found fermentations of briny salt pickles, salted sour plums, and other salty fermentations to be powerful and effective medicines.

Dr. Jacques de Langre, Ph.D., who wrote the book "Seasaltís Hidden Powers", states that naturally and properly sunshine-preserved sea salt is the difference between life and death, health and illness, social sanity and planetary panic and its elements are vital for proper body functions. That natural hand-harvested Celtic ocean salt alone helps to maintain life, neutralizes toxins and detrimental bacteria, and enhances all our organic function.

Sea salt contain 92 essential minerals and most all refined adulterated sea salts contain only 2 elements (Na and Cl. Biologically, 24 of these elements in real sea salt have already been proven necessary and essential to maintain and recover health. See Scientific American, July 1972: "The Chemical Elements of Life," by Earl Friden.

When dietary deficiency of trace elements occurs, cells lose the ability to control their ionsówith dire consequences for humans. Even a minute loss of ion equilibrium causes cells to burst, nervous disorder, brain damage, or muscle spasms, as well as a breakdown of the cell-regenerating process and growth.

In the theory of acid and alkaline balance, chronic disease such as cancer is caused by the acidification of the blood, lymph and all cellular tissues. Real sea salt is one of the basic elements necessary part to correct this problem.

Natural sea salt [reconstituted seawater] allows liquids to freely cross body membranes, the kidneyís glomerulus and blood vessels walls. Whenever the sodium chloride concentration rises in the blood, the water in the neighboring tissues is attracted to that salt-rich blood, and the cells then re-absorb the enriched intra-cellular fluid. If they are functioning properly, the kidneys remove the saline fluids easily. Refined salt does not allow this free-crossing of liquids and minerals, and causes accumulated fluids to stagnate in joint, producing edema and chronic kidney problems.

Real sea salt has the ability (transmutation) to naturally alter or change one element or nuclide (species of atom characterized by the constitution of its nucleus and hence by the number of protons, the number of neutrons, and the energy content) into another item as needed.

Salt is the one element of transmutation in all of Nature's substances that enables man to walk erect, gain intelligence, and remain totally free. Salt is the single element required for the proper breakdown of plant carbohydrates into useable and assimiable human food. Only when salt is added to fruits and vegetables can saliva and gastric secretions readily break down the fibrous store of carbohydrates, etc.

Once salt is dissolved and ionized, the salt possesses a definite reactivity, has full electromagnetic capabilities, and passes more easily into the large colon where it will have a sanitizing effect.

To further prevent any moisture from being reabsorbed, the salt refiners add aluminosilicate of sodium or yellow prussiate of soda as desiccants plus different bleaches to the final salt formula. After these processes, the table salt will no longer combine with human body fluids, it invariably causes severe problems of edema (water retention) and several other health disturbances. 

In ancient Celts times, salt was used to treat major physical and mental disturbances, severe burns, and other ailments. Today biologists attest that seawater (also called 'mother liquor') restores hydro-electrolytic imbalances, a disorder that causes loss of immune response, creates allergies, and causes many health problems. Also the therapeutic effect of seawater is recognized and used by the best European medical professionals because of its effectiveness in so many situations.

Today people fear salt and we are witnessing a virtual ban on consuming products with high sodium contents and this is a major concern of biologists. The use of real sea salt-free diets are showing up in the reality of our modern world as society is coming apart. It is basically a starvation of macro- and trace minerals and biological deficiencies cannot be corrected by refined sodium chloride alone.

Celtic salt is a good product because it is naturally extracted by the use of sunshine. If one redissolved salt in water in the proper ratio or combine it in the moisture of foods, its properties re-create the amazing powers of the "ocean" and bears an astonishing likeness to human blood and body fluids. During World War II, Navy doctors would use sea salt water for blood transfusions when blood supplies ran out and many lives were saved.


Dr. Langre mentions in his book that, "The Belgian historian Henri Pirenne observed that during the High Middle ages, the entire coast of the Atlantic was deserted and the entire continent was thrown into a Dark Age of human under-development. Historians tell us that it was caused to a great extent by the lack of salt in the human diet, the flooding of all salt flats having disabled every salt farm along the coastlines of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The whole of Europe, therefore, suffered from a salt famine that was to last almost 500 years. The daily average ration fell to less than 2 grams per person and caused may to die from dehydration and madness. The extent of the salt famine reported by Henri Pirenne caused human flesh to be sold on the open-air markets and created an epidemic of crazed people who, to replenish their salt, drank blood from the neck artery of the person they had just slain. Quick to exploit this desperate situation for their own gain, the rulers of Europe grabbed the remnants of the salt stock and exacted exorbitant salt taxes. Heavily burdened by tariffs and gabelles, common salt became a luxury but also caused mass population shifts and exodus, lured invaders and caused wars. Mined salt from the depths of the earth was substituted, but the lack of live and balanced trace elements in rock salt lowered the mental equilibrium and intellect level almost as much as the sheer absence of salt."

Sea Salt


Dr. Langre, Ph.D. writes that, "Rare gases are locked within real sea crystals and began to release in contact of additional moisture and is effective in maintaining and restoring human energy. Note that Celtic salt should not be ground until used because as it is milled the salt releases a subtle fragrance reminiscent of violets, another telltale sign that gases, floral-like vital essences, are being released. Note that these elements are easily trapped and stored in a preparation called sesame salt and a recipe is given in the Seasaltís Hidden Powers. Real sea salt needs to be stored in an air tight container and kept in a dark cool place. The moisture has a tendency to settle to the bottom of the salt and the salt should be mixed before removing the salt for sure.

Real sea salt need to penetrate foods allowing the moisture of the fruits, vegetables, grains, etc. to liquefy the salt which activates it. If dry salt is used it enters the body in a non-ionized form and can creates thirst (a sign of being poisoned) and lessens its abilities because it is not being assimilated and utilized properly. 

Sea water losses its properties of destroying bacilli if stored in bottles and when dries out.

Conclusion: A pinch of salt can be added to a small amount of water to dissolve to activate its powers and added to fruits, vegetables, grains to aid in better digestion of those items while helping to alkalize the body. Adding a pinch to water supplies adds alkaline properties and the mineral content. The minerals it contains are too valuable to ignore.

Note by Dr. Buche:

Salt, in addition to calcium, is the chief alkalinizer in the human body. A need for salt is indicated by excess acidity in the body fluids (blood, lymph, urine and saliva). It would be interesting to monitor one's pH of these fluids by testing with pH paper (let us know if you can't find any) and increasing one's intake of salt and nothing else. Does the pH go up, i.e. do the fluids become more alkaline (normalize from a previously acid condition) and which fluids do so in succession?

But then again - what causes excess acidity is a faulty diet to begin with.
For instance - grains (a highly acid-forming food) don't taste good without salt. Why? They are not a balanced food! The high concentration of potassium phosphate requires additional sodium for balance. If potash accumulates in the tissues, it causes irritation of the muscles and paralysis of the nerves. It is very toxic in the bloodstream. Interaction of potash and soda (salt) converts both elements into less harmful chemicals.

The attempt of the body to achieve chemical balance makes starch-eating animals and humans crave salt.

The Gerson Institute meticulously avoids any salt and admonishes any and all cancer patients to carefully AVOID salt in their diet. 

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