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Deficiency and imbalance diseases, magnesium, Vitamin D, sea salt, diet and health


I believe that 80% of people in western world have some symptoms of calcium deficiency.

I did not make this page in order to make you believe that you have to buy Vitamin supplements and Mineral Supplements !    I am talking mainly about foods that naturally contain Vitamins and Minerals !  If you eat every day those foods, you do not need supplements !  Using supplements can cause some other diseases, because too much of some mineral can sometimes be more dangerous than too little.

Foods that are the richest source of minerals and trace minerals are Algae (Seaweed), sea salt, other sea foods, animal bones and wild growing plants.

Older women need much more calcium than others !

This page will tell you how!

Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D

We can not talk about Calcium without talking about Magnesium and Vitamin D.

Our body can not efficiently utilize Calcium without Vitamin D.   Having imbalance of calcium and magnesium could cause diseases.   While calcium contract the muscles, magnesium relax them.   Some researchers suggest that we should consume almost as much magnesium as calcium.


Sources of calcium that you should include in your diet :

Fish soups made from whole fish:

Soups made from long cooked whole fish (like: carp, sardines,salmon,trout, cod,mackerel...  )  with root vegetables (carrot, burdock, celery ) to extract various minerals and with Kukicha ( bancha ) tee. You could use carrots and burdock root. 

Bones soup:

Any bones from organically raised animals are broken, then long cooked into soup with acid vegetables to extract bone marrow and various minerals. 

Beans Soup cooked with seaweed:

Beans and dry seaweed (Kombu algae) are first soaked few hours (over night) and then cooked for a few hours. Seaweed is very rich in Magnesium and Calcium. Salt is added in the end of cooking ( non-refined sea salt).

Read more about Seaweed here

Soup of Barley sprouts and kale:

You sprout whole barley. Then you simmer sprouts and kale just ten minutes.

Barley sprouts are rich in Vitamins A and C.

Soaked barley (at least 8 hours soaked) could be used instead of sprouted one.

Soaked barley must be cooked until it is soft and then you add kale in the last 10 minutes of cooking.

Vegetable soups with seaweed:

When making vegetable soups, always add algae (seaweed). (Kombu, dulse, wakame, nori, kelp, hijiki, agar-agar, spirulina, chorella...)

Ground up bones:

When you eat fish, do not threw bones.  Dry it in the oven  for 1 hour on 120 ºC and then ground it in coffee grinder into powder. (You can purchase coffee grinder for only $15 in  usual "Electro" store.)  

Heaping tee spoon of ground up fish bones  (fish bone flour) mixed with one spoon of Flaxseed oil   (linseed oil )   or  Udo's Choice Oil Blend

You can add fish bone flour in the soup.


Heaping tee spoon of ground up bones (cow or any other organically raised animal)   (cow bone flour) (must be sterilized by high  temperature)  mixed with one spoon of  Flaxseed oil  (linseed oil )   or  Udo's Choice Oil Blend.


Magnesium rich food:

Green vegetable is best source of magnesium. Eat green salads every day.

At the center of chlorophyll molecule is magnesium.

Magnesium salts are contained in the amount of 1-2% in the  unrefined sea salt.

Vitamin D rich food:

Fish is far the best source of Vitamin D in food.  The best is to consume smaller fish rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, and consume it with bones. (Sardines, trout, salmon, mackerel,cod) .

Exposing your skin to the morning and evening sun will help production of Vitamin D.

Diet rich on chlorophyll could be an alternative for Vitamin D poor diet.

People who consume a larger  amount of chlorophyll need less Vitamin D.

Adjust your diet to your Blood.  Blood Type Diet   O   A   B   AB     here  

Calcium supplements


Do not forget that avoiding concentrated sweeteners is more important than including mineral supplements in your diet.

Taking calcium supplements for the long time may harm your health !   But, in case of seriously sick people it could be important to take calcium supplements.



Read more about Colloidal minerals here


The best supplements are those that can be easily absorbed.


Taking  Flaxseed oil  (linseed oil )  or   Udo's Choice Oil Blend will help digestion,   absorption and utilization  of minerals.

'Colloidal minerals' could be easily absorbed.

'Colloidal minerals'  are mixture of water and mineral particles 7000 times smaller then red blood cell.   Each particle is negatively charged. Our body can absorb 98% of minerals taken in this form !  Colloidal minerals must be liquid, can not be pills."


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