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MISTLETOE {Viscum album} has been used in the treatment of many diseases   by #56153   18 year

EUROPEAN MISTLETOE {Viscum album} has been used in the treatment of many diseases, including cancer, for thousands of years. The druids considered it a sacred plant because it grew on oaks, and thus seemed to be joined or "married" to their most revered tree.

Weleda AG (Switzerland and Germany) produces the oldest and most widely used preparation of mistletoe, under the trade name Iscador. Iscador has gained its greatest acceptance in Europe. It is primarily used to treat solid cancerous tumors before and after surgery and radiotherapy. The entire plant is ground up to make a water extract, which is fermented with theLactobacillus plantarum bacterium and then filtered. It is administered by subcutaneous injection near or into the tumor. In the case of brain and spinal cord tumors, it is administered orally to prevent increased cranial pressure. (20)

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