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Is it a good idea to combine different alternative therapies? I am using H2O2 (internally), Budwig diet, Superfood (greens, etc powder), bowel cleansing (to be followed by liver cleansing), homeopathy, Rife, colonics, and a few more minor things?

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Yes, i believe it's good together!   by curingmycancer   10 year

I,too,am doing all of the things you mentioned, plus the cancer diet as described on cancertutor's site, with the exceptions of a few of Budwig's additional foods, but no grains or sugars.I have a tumor in my breast, which is slowly reducing, with attendant pains as i really kick off the cancer cells.I think these things are good together. The cancertutor site, along with a few others, does say not to take large quantities of vit.C during Budwig, and never thePawPaw or graviola treatment at the same time as Budwigs.Also, they said not to do the cesium chloride as well, I think.God Bless on your healing journey! Oh, and I decided not to do the Cellect with the Budwig's cause it costs too much-I would need the 4 dose a day at $400 a month.I purchased Green Phyto Base Multiple Vitamin & Mineral Powder made by All One and available at Azure Standard online. It lasts 66 days for 2.2 pound can and cost me $59.15 at the buyer's club price.It has a little Rice protein powder in it, listed as one of the last ingredients, and a very impressive recipe of aminos, trace minerals, vits,etc. Best of all, it has no yeast,no gluten, no added sugar,no sweeteners, no flavors,no colors,no binders,no excipients, and no fillers.Hope this is helpful!
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