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Oxygen Therapies

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Oxygen therapy = introducing extra oxygen into the body   by #56153   18 year

Oxygen therapy is a term which covers a wide range of methods of introducing extra oxygen into the body as part of a health or therapeutic regimen. Based on the idea that disease states are caused by a lack of oxygen at the cellular level, the oxygen therapies aim to get more oxygen into your body than you get through normal breathing and thereby to promote health and healing.

Dr. Otto Warburg, Nobel prize-winning cancer researcher, discovered that cancer cells cannot metabolize oxygen properly. Flooding cells with oxygen may retard the growth of cancer cells or even help to return them to normal. Two therapies are mostly used in treating cancer: Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy and Ozone Therapy.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is used in treating burns, wounds, Multiple Sclerosis, ...

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