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Cancer Prevention Diet & Cancer Recovery Diet

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Diet is an important factor of our health. Good diet can help prevent and cure cancer!   by #56153   19 year

Anticancer diets and nutritional supplements are among the earliest alternative cancer treatments. Many alternative cancer clinics include special diets as part of their overall treatments. Up to 61% of British cancer patients use unconventional diets (1995).

Conventional medicine has come to recognize that the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and fiber; avoidance of excessive dietary fat; and antioxidants can reduce cancer risk. However, alternative anticancer diets go further, proponents often claiming that a given diet can cure cancer.

There is no one cancer diet. As many patients , that many diets. People receiving chemo therapy or radiation treatment may need meat in their diet. Diet explained here is manly suited for people choosing non harmful therapies.
To know whether you should eat some foods, you can rely on elimination /rotation diet, or you can combine it with Blood Type Diet , or you can choose to trust to some health authority and follow his advice.

What I am going to say in the next paragraphs, may not be exactly suited for you ! There is no one cancer diet. As many patients , that many diets.

Cancer recovery diet should be based mainly on liquid foods and freshly prepared foods (juices, soups, teas, salads and fruits, best wild fruits.) Fish can be eaten (wild), but occasionally. (especially the first months/days of cancer battle).

To starve your tumor, you may even try juice fasting for a few days or weeks, aftre or while doing Bowel Cleanse or parasite cleanse

Most experts on anticancer diets agree on next dietary  guidelines:

foods that kill should be strictly avoided. Meat should be avoided for most of patients. Bones soups made from the bones of organically raised animals can be beneficial for some patients. Muscle response testing is needed to determine whether patient tolerate it. Bovine cartilage and cartilage from other animals is known to be beneficial for cancer patients. Milk is considered an avoid for most of patients, but Dr. Budwig diet needs cottage cheese. Milk and milk products needs muscle response testing
Foods that person doesn't tolerate should be avoided.

Huge percentage of foods should be eaten raw. All fruits and almost all nuts in the diet should be eaten RAW.
Bread should be replaced with rice and/or potato (Muscle response testing to determine tolerance of potato and/ or  rice.
healthy Diet is diet that excludes foods that you don't tolerate and that includes foods that you tolerate and that are beneficial for you, while in the same time you are eating large variety of food items, that will provide body with all the essential nutrients and all the accessory nutrients... 

Juice fasting should/can be an important part of every cancer diet.
While on juices, the best is to avoid any non liquid foods.

Many non harmful cancer therapies have relied heavily on healthy diet: The Gerson Therapy, The Macrobiotic, Breuss Cancer Cure, Dr Budwig Program, The Kelly Program, Dr Robert Atkins Program...

Our body is almost entirely built from the foods and drinks we eat. Every single cell of our body needs a food for it's proper function. Without food and water, we can't live more then a few months.

Recovery diet may/should also include:

  • Essential Nutrients
  • Accessory Nutrients
  • Juice fasting - juicing
  • Broccoli Sprouts
  • Essiac Tea
  • Ellagic Acid
  • Amygdalin - Vitamin B17
  • Flaxseed + Cottage cheese
  • Shark Liver Oil (Alkylglycerols)
  • Chaparral Tea
  • Pau d'arco - lapacho Tea
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Green Tea
  • Pancreatic enzymes
  • Wheat or barley grass juice
  • Kombu / Kelp seaweed or other seaweed
  • Unrefined Sea Salt
  • Miso / tamari / Shoyu (fermented soy products)
  • Umeboshi
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Selenium 100 mcg at each meal
  • Organic germanium (Ge-132) 100 to 300 mg daily 
  • Other Supplements


To learn more, please read books about juice fasting and anticancer diets:



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