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Can cancer be cured, not just treated?

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Yes, but one must first identify the origins of cancer   by andmor   18 year 1 of 1 (100%)

To discover and understand the physical causes of cancer you will first need to let go of the idea that cancer is a disease. In our modern world, we have learned to go more by the superficial appearances and less by the rather concealed larger picture of things. It is in the nature of life that for every symptom there is an underlying cause, yet the cause lies hidden and seems to be unrelated to the symptom. Purely mechanistic approaches to treating the body, as they are applied in the system of allopathic medicine, usually fall short in locating and healing these hidden causes. They will remain undetected unless we begin to view the body as a process that is organized by a superb combination of energy and information or intelligence rather than an assembly of different parts as can be found in a machine.
It resembles middle age technology to treat the body as if it were just made of cells and molecules. Our modern technologies and computers were all derived from the principles of information and energy as discovered by quantum physics, yet when it comes to treating the human body we are still relying mostly on the old, outdated Newtonian principles of understanding the nature of life. It is relatively easy to understand the way the human body operates if we were to apply the principles of quantum physics.
You as consciousness, soul or spirit are the only true source of that energy and information that run your body. Your presence in the body and what you do, eat, drink, feel and think determine how well your genes are able to control and sustain your physical existence. If you (the conscious presence) are no longer present in your body, the energy and information is withdrawn from every cell. We know this to be physical death. Seen from a superficial point of view, you could conclude that death has turned the body into a disordered heap of useless particles. Of course, if you had a wider perspective of death you would be able to see it as the beginning of new life; all the atoms that previously comprised these cells have simply relocated themselves to assemble once again in new forms, such as air, water, soil, plants, fruits, animals or other human beings. Therefore, life does not end with death; only the form changes. Besides, your consciousness remains unaffected by all that, because it is not physical and cannot be destroyed.
Now, if you only partially withdrew your energy and purposeful connectedness (intelligence) from some parts of your body, would those parts not move into disarray and chaotic behavior? This is what medicine calls disease, meaning, you are no longer in ease or alignment with the orderly fashion in which the body normally operates. However, as you will begin to realize, disease is only an illusion of perception. Like death, disease is nothing but the provider of new life. Yet unlike death, disease offers us the opportunity to restore our life while remaining in this physical form. Cancer only strikes when a part or parts of us are not alive anymore, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Cancer can resurrect these numbed, suppressed or congested areas, whether they are physical or non-physical in nature.
The resurrection, which begins with an increased attention to these dead zones of our life, can occur in a number of ways. We may gradually become aware how afraid or negligent we are of a particular body part, the body as a whole, our future or the past, nature, food, other people, the future of our planet, , , etc. Suddenly, we may begin to realize how deeply we have harbored intense negative emotions toward others or us, or we notice why we allowed certain foods, beverages or drugs such as painkillers, steroids and Antibiotics to contaminate and congest our beautiful body. Cancer is a wakeup call prompting us to take our life back where it is no more. The alarm bell that sounds to wake us up sounds painfully loud, which is good because we are more likely to respond to physical pain than to emotional pain.
The ‘dis-ease’ cancer occurs only where channels or ducts of circulation and elimination are consistently blocked for a long time. I have dealt with this subject in great detail in my latest book, "Cancer Is Not A Disease - It's A Survival Mechanism". Obviously, there are not just physical causes behind the Cancer phenomenon, and so I have addressed also it's emotional and spiritual causes.

Andreas Moritz
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Yes, cancer can be cured!   by #56153   18 year 1 of 1 (100%)

Yes, cancer can be cured.

But curing cancer means not only that you should get rid of the tumor.  Beside getting rid of the tumor, you also have to eliminate what caused the tumor in the first place, and that means changing your life, improving your lifestyle, improving your closest environment, improving your mental health, improving your relationship with yourself, improving your relationship with other people ...

Curing cancer depends not on cancer, Curing cancer depends on person. Curing cancer means curing body, mind and a soul. Once your body, your mind and your soul are healthy, you are cured.

"All diseases are curable, but not all people." 

Many people have proved, by their own example, that  cancer is curable disease, and that suffering caused by cut, burn and poison therapy (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy ) is not necessary in order to regain health after cancer diagnoses. 

Read their stories here:

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esophageal stage 4 cancer   by #211706   7 year 1 of 1 (100%)

can stage 4 esophegeal cancer be cured
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Cancer cells develop all the time and the body usually destroys them   by DrCate   14 year 1 of 1 (100%)

We used to think only medical intervention could eliminate cancer cells. Since the discovery of immunosurveillance, we now realize that the body is developing and destroying cancer cells all the time. Only when the normal system of immunosurveillance breaks down do we develop clinically detectable cancer. The naturapathic idea that diet can control cancer appears well supported by the latest in cellular immunobiology. Unfortunately, the low fat, high carb diets most nutritionists advise have not been correlated with lower cancer rates.

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