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Why should I choose alternative therapies instead of conventional?

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Addressing the underlying cause instead of focusing on end result ...   by #56153   18 year 2 of 2 (100%)

Cancer is a multidimensional disease. It is never just a tumor.

Many people choose alternative cancer therapies instead of conventional cut, burn & poison because conventional therapies are never addressing the underlying cause of cancer. They only treat the final result, tumor for example.

Because conventional therapies are focusing on tumor, and are neglecting the cause, they fail sooner or later.

If you just remove the tumor, but you neglect to address the factors why you got the tumor in the first place, you will most likely get another tumor after some time. It happens all too often.

People practicing non harmful and natural cancer therapies prefer to see cancer as a condition of the whole body, mind and spirit. They believe that cancer can not be cured just by treating a tumor, or just by treating one part of our body. In order to achieve stable health, you should treat a person as a whole.
It is understandable why classic medicine is loosing a war on cancer. Focusing only on the tumor, and neglecting other sides and other problems will never be sufficient enough to cure cancer.

The decision to turn to alternative treatments is made by thousands of patients each year. Often these people seek out alternative cancer therapy only after mainstream cancer therapy has failed and they have been told that they have only a few weeks to live. Utilizing alternative therapies, many of these patients improve, and live from two to five years longer, with a reasonably good quality of life.

Although this can't be viewed as long-term remission, several years of rewarding life is a definite improvement over the last few weeks or months of misery that many patients experience from the effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

To summarize:

-ACT don't harm your body or your mind
-ACT are not only healing tumor, ACT are healing your whole body and your mind, ACT are dealing with underlying causes of cancer
-ACT are usually cheaper. If they are not cheaper, question motives of those promoting them.
-after regaining health with ACT you have confidence in your health, and are not afraid of cancer re occurrence.
-ACT gives better life quality
-ACT can often be done at your home
-ACT are less frightening and less painful
-ACT are healthier, are logical, are natural and are fun compared with cut, burn and poison therapy

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