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Are Alternative Cancer Therapies a magic bullet?

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No, I doubt there will ever be a magic bullet   by #56153   18 year 2 of 2 (100%)

The closest you can come to a magic bullet is an integrated program of changing and improving lifestyle, increasing physical activity, improving diet, improving closest environment, improving emotional life, improving mental health etc. Many cancers are related to emotions, like for example breast cancer, cancers of reproductive organs etc. Other cancers are more caused by environmental factors, like pollution of the closest environment, for example lung cancers, skin cancers etc.
In many if not all cancers, lack of physical activity is a major cofactor, especially in prostate cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer etc.
No single magic bullet can address all those factors.
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Are Alternative Cancer Therapies a magic bullet?   by atlantis-salud-spa   6 year 2 of 2 (100%)

We are often led to believe that there is no cure for CANCER...

But with Atlantis Salud Spa, there exists SAFE, GENTLE, EFFECTIVE THERAPY FOR CANCER TREATMENT...
At Atlantis Salud Spa, Dr. Pablo has researched alternate Cancer therapies for more than 15 years and has come up with effective alternate cancer therapies by combining appropriate alternate therapies together to get outstanding results.
Alternate Cancer therapies are not magic bullets rather they are like bulldozers that flatten the hurdles and obstacles gradually.

For alternate cancer therapies to work, to prolong your life, you have to make drastic changes in your lifestyle. Not only the eating habits but also maintaining a fit and healthy life with light exercise included in it.
These procedures are aimed to cleanse your body off the harmful chemicals and radiations completely. Only when the body is devoid of aggressive and harmful elements can the immune system kick in to heal it. And all this takes time and proper planning unlike consuming heavenly elixirs that can cure anything within seconds (health elixirs in games).

However, this is by far the most effective way to tackle the disease and prolong your life painlessly, if not cure completely.

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Are alternative cancer therapies a magic bullet?   by bugrally   9 year 2 of 2 (100%)

Alternative cancer therapies are not a magic bullet. They require a change in life style from eating foods with chemical preservatives or Genetically modified foods to live, whole foods that are grown from heirloom seeds without pesticides and in loam or water that is naturally conditioned to have good nutrients and probiotics.

The first requirement is to leave all chemical poisons alone which includes any drug off the doctor's prescription pad.

The thrid requirement is to clean the cancer out of the body. That means a systemic dewormer until all the parasites are gone, Liver Flushes and colon cleanses. The lymphatic system is next in line. That dumps into the liver all by itself once the colon and liver are clean. Those stones have to be flushed out of the liver, then the body goes on by itself to clean up the tissues and blood again automatically. This process is probably going to take you years--like 5 to 7, to be exact. If you're persistent and do the work, it is a sure fire bet that cancer and every other disease will be gone.

Once the poisons, radiation and parasites have been eliminated, the body has no choice but to heal itself up with the correct nutrients that help it to do it. This isn't a magic bullet, but it IS a 100% guarantee. You couldn't call this a therapy or cancer treatment. You can't TREAT any disease and have it go away. It will go away if you remove the cause and feed your body right. That's called raising your level of health.
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Not a magic bullet but the only hope we cancer patients have   by ainoah   13 year 2 of 2 (100%)

No it is not a magic bullet, but it has become the best alternative. If instead of wasting billions on drugs and paying doctor huge amounts of cash to get their patients on their poisonous drugs they would invest on how to treat Candida we cancer patients would regain hope and will have a better life.

New laws are required to give Alternative Medicine the same opportunity and chance as traditional medicine, after all it is our body and we can do as we please with it. Alternative Medicine should not be a "must do" as is Traditional Medicine, it should be a choice we have the right to make.
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