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I just did 2 liver gallbladder cleanses, Jan and Feb. Trying to eat raw food. I have been dizzy for two weeks now after the last cleanse. I am worried and get dizzy 20xs a day. Scares me when I am driving mostly. Could I depleted some vitamins or what can it be. Help. Feeling weird. I am not eating all raw in the last 5 days. Because I have been worried.

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b12?   by Ask Christian   9 year 0 of 1 (0%)

Sometimes going vegan can do this to you. Lack of vitamin B12 and protein can make you feel this way. Incorporate some supergreen food powder mix from a health foods store that should help
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heavy metals   by bigdaddyfromcincinnati   9 year 0 of 1 (0%)

get checked for heavy metals. hair test are not accurate. use urine chelation test
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