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How to cure Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

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I was cured!   by sevenbites   11 year 2 of 2 (100%)

I went to ND who tests with electrodermal scanning on the meridians. These tests are extremely accurate. My friend was diagnosed by MD with ovarian cancer, bi-lateral breast cancer, and told to make funeral arrangements. My friend went to ND was tested by the machine, found these cancers plus some on her thyroid, and used homeopathy and is completely cancer free. (even the MD says she is cancer free, though they did not seem happy about it.)

I have 80% recovered from disabling fibromyalgia (My doctor ordered me not to climb stairs) with daily migraines and neuropathy by doing my research and going to MD who would listen to me. I got B-12 shots, armour thyroid and lots of natural remedies and recovered to about 50% Then I went to ND who found a potassium deficiency and deposit of pesticides in my liver, which helped another 25%. My heart rate was up in the hundreds all the time and MDs had no answer, after going to ND it is around 65-70 most of the time! My point is that it can be done! I do not consider myself a victim of Fibromyalgia or Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome any longer, as it is not nearly bad enough to call it that. Now I am tired of restrictive diets, constant homeopathic medications and cleanses, so I am trying Naet to finish the job. I will let you know how it goes, and I wish you all the best!

Please look at Dr. Rind's website. Most people with Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome will never recover unless a glandular problem is treated. My turning point was when I was treated for subclinical (did not show up on blood tests) hypothyroidism.

You can find a good Naturopath by inquiring at local Chiropractors offices, health food stores and Fibromyalgia or Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome support groups.

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The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Prevention and Curing Protocol   by #56153   12 year 2 of 2 (100%)

To understand The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Prevention and Curing Protocol, you should first become familiar with the cause of CFS.  The underlying cause of Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome are toxins. 

This protocol incorporates cleansing that helps detox. Also it incorporates lifestyle change, diet change, and work on mental and spiritual side.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Diet

Let's start with most simple part of this program: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome diet. When it comes to diet, it is very important to avoid eating  Toxins  and   foods that kill . Please follow those links and learn what are The Toxins I am talking about and what are those  " foods that kill ". Now, important part of your diet should also be  Water Cure.  Please, become familiar with  Water Cure. Your Diet should contain: Foods That Heal, Vegetable juicesFats that HealUnrefined Sea Salt . Also, try to understand food tolerance. You can not find the right Chronic Fatigue Syndrome diet, unless you fully understand and learn about food tolerance.

Take some time to implement and learn all what you have read here, and then continue reading further.

Body Cleansing for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Body cleansing could be extremely important part of your own prevention and curing program. You are guessing: "Dietary changes you made are also a form of cleansing." But, most people need more then this, especially when it comes to liver health. Body Cleansing is even important for children. Our internal organs can hold a lot toxins, and sometimes, it is impossible to get those toxins out, without doing cleansing. Our liver can contain hundreds of intrahepatic stones. Those stones will block bile flow, and affect the bases of your health, your digestion. Another problem are parasites. You must learn as much as possible about parasites. And, don't forget also dental toxins.

Let start with cleansing program. You are suppose to do cleansing in next order:

  1. Bowel cleanse and Parasite cleanse !
  2. Dental cleanup - dental work may be a cofactor of your disease!
  3. Kidney cleanse
  4. Liver cleanse and Gallbladder cleanse -liver flush!

Make sure you visit those pages and get more info. Dental cleanup can take many years. If you have a lot of dental metal, do not rush to replace it all at once.
Bowel cleanse should be done at least once a year.
Liver cleanse is a procedure that, for best results, should be repeated at least 6 - 10 times, every 2 or 3 weeks.

Physical Activity and CFS

You should avoid harsh physical activity until you feel like doing it.

Examples of some light physical activity:

Mini Trampoline jumping - rebounding!
Walk in the nature: forest, mountain , river / sea / lake side, beach ... fishing, photo-safari, rowing, riding, golf, ...

Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Meditation ...
Yoga - Hatha, Meditation, Chinese Yoga ... 

Sweating for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Sweating is powerful way to cleanse your body from accumulated toxins.
- Sauna or sweat lodge
- eat CAYENNE pepper! ...

It is known that some modern industrial toxins and pesticides can leave your body only through sweat glands!

Psychotherapy and Spiritual Therapy

Human body is not just this what we can se. There is more to it. To treat other level of us, to treat soul and to treat mind and unconscious parts of us, I suggest you Hellinger's therapy.


Get in Touch

If you have questions, or if you would like to get in touch with people who are dealing with same problems, then you should visit Public Discussion Board.

There, you can read messages, ask questions and give answers.

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All #56153's Answers
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