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I have just come to realize that a host of symptoms, such as fatigue, brain fog, chronic yeast infection, ringing in ears etc, has been caused due to my 7 amalgams that I have had from more than 15 years. My complaints have gotten worse after my root canal in March 2010. My husband and I are planning for our second baby, and I am not sure if I should get the amalgams removed first, or have the baby, nurse and then remove them. I am actually leaning towards removing them asap, since I its very difficult to see the whole day pass by and I get nothing done due to lack of energy, leg pain, and plain feeling of exhaustion. At the same time, I cannot wait more than 6/7 months, because of the huge age difference between my first 2, and my age. Please if anyone has gotten pregnant after getting amalgams removed, and that to within 6 months time frame, I would like to hear your experience. I am looking for suggestions based on facts. What s

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on what basis have you "come to realize" the problem source   by lynnwood   7 year

the reason I ask this is that you should think about heavy metal detox, reading the yeast connection and trying to address some or all of the issues before going thru the radical move of extricating your Amalgam fillings. I have experienced all of the host of symtoms that you mention and was able to overcome most of them using foods, herbs, vitamins and other resources. Get on a probiotic asap. Make sure you are getting lots of fiber in diet to help flush the toxins. Look into foods that are helpful at removing heavy metals. When mothers milk is assayed, I can assure you that they find several more chemicals and other metals besides the ones in your teeth. It is a huge problem for sure. I have no doubt that they play a role, but I question wether it is the only culprit. You can add probably another 20 or so environmentalally damaging elements to be responsible. Try earthclinic or any other knowledge based website and look up each of the symtoms that you have and read what others have done to address each of those symptoms. Keep notes. You might begin to see the puzzle come together as it relates to you. I found broccoli and garlic to be immensely helpful with brainfog, caused by yeast overgrowth. Having a child is a very draining experience and will lead to getting nothing done. I would be more worried about releasing more toxins into the body. If you are already compromised it might make sense to try to clean up your physical environment and see if you can't get your immune system optimized.
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Amalgams and Pregnancy   by B3   8 year

I'm not that informed, but I have read that Amalgam fillings release mercury, which is a dangerous toxin for a fetus. Moreover, dental Amalgams are a source of mercury that can be found in breast milk.
Also it sounds to me like you have candida? I would suggest you get some CandiClear 5 and begin taking that right away, as it pulls not only candida from the body but also toxins like mercury, and parasites. It absorbs all the junk so the die off isn't so bad. It kind of tastes like a mud mask, which doesn't bother me but I guess it does bother some people, but the benefits are so far and above the problem of taste.

Hope this helps!
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