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If amalgam fillings and vaccines were toxic, then everybody would be sick?

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Wrong Argument   by entrance_to_reality   18 year 2 of 2 (100%)

I always hear the argument that "if Amalgam fillings and vaccines really were toxic, then everybody would be sick".

But that's not the case and here is why. The half life of mercury in human blood varies a lot from person to person. Some people excrete it very fast, some very slow, and the rest are somewhere in between (This is determined by your genes).

In those people who don't excrete it fast enough, mercury slowly leaks from the blood inside the tissue cells where it gets stuck. And when enough of it eventually accumulates, then those people get sick (It's also important to know that mercury hurts you inside tissues a lot more than if it's in blood).

This is why one person can have full mouth of dental Amalgam and be perfectly healthy, and another one can be sick from just one filling. I myself had three Amalgam fillings and you wouldn't believe how sick I used to be.

Two examples of how some people excrete mercury faster than others are mercury mine workers and villagers of Minamata bay in Japan, who were consuming fish with very high mercury content. Not all of those people got sick even though they were exposed to the same environment. Only those were affected whose bodies were unable to clear the blood of mercury fast enough, and it therefore had time to accumulate inside the tissues.

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Why isn't everyone sick from vaccines and amalgalm fillings   by joegrane   8 year 2 of 2 (100%)

Another example of the varying half-life of mercury in the body comes from the mass poisoning of people in Iraq in the 1970s. They consumed seed-grain not intended for human consumption. Many hundreds of people died.

A. Cutler has a graph in his book Amalgam Illness showing the varying half-life of mercury in the people of Iraq. The half-life was between 36 days and 95 days for most of them; however some of them had a half-life of 195 days. p 20.

Cutler says the Iraqi doctors reported ethyl mercury poisoning. Ethyl mercury is also used as a preservative--Thimerosal-- in the flu and some other vaccines.

Consider also the nasty effects of having more than one toxin present. Boyd Haley, the former chairman of the chemistry department at the university of Kentucky, is a good resource on this topic.

In his paper, "Mercury toxicity: Genetic susceptibility and synergistic effects" Haley wrote the following:

"Aluminum hydroxide alone at 500 nM showed no significant death of cells at 6 hours, and only slight toxicity over the 24-hour period. Thimerosal [ethylmercury] at 50 nM effected only a slight increase in neuron death at 6 hours. However, in the presence of 50 nM thimerosal plus 500 nM aluminum hydroxide, the neuronal death increases to roughly 60%, an amazing increase."

Aluminum is used as an adjuvant in many vaccines.

Amalgam fillings contain other metals--silver, copper, etc.

Haley directly addresses our question about why some people get sick with mercury-related illnesses and others don't in this video.

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one wouldthink that wouldbe true but....   by herbalnutritionistcmt   13 year 2 of 2 (100%)

different people have different constitutions. Some people smoke for a hundred years (george burns) and seemingly have no problems. Others smoke for a short time and get kung cancer in just a few years. Mercury is toxic although it leeches small amounts at a time thus mercury does not kill. Although that is not to say there are no side effects of mercury fillings. As far as vaccines are concerned there are many studys showing the negative effects of them. In fact vaccines lower your immunity to the particular disease that it is supposed to prevent.
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The Decline of Roman Empire Revisited: everybody is sick from amalgums, to plastics wrapping our food, to flouride and chlorine in the water, to bromine in bread, etc,etc   by Growing Gratitude   13 year 2 of 2 (100%)

Well I said it in my subject header...everybody is dealing with a compromised immune system and glands, especially if they are in or near a city. The prevalence of obesity and diabetes much less cancer and heart disease in our life time is a stark contrast to our parents and their grandparents. It seems to me like this is a slow kill deliberately facilitated to control population growth, else how could this all be so rampant, and increasingly so?
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Mercury Amalgam fillings   by #121029   14 year 2 of 2 (100%)

I agree with the answer that it depends on how your body processes mercury ... and then there is so much more. Is the mercury problem electrical? If no symptoms are showing is the person subclinical ?
Is the mercury accumulated in the brain, the liver, kidney, jaw, or other organs?

Watch the smoking tooth video -
Google; Mercury Smoking Tooth
for more information.

In Las Vegas for Holistic Mercury Amalgam removal go to:

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