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Heavy metal + cyanide + arsenic severe intoxication (double max tollerated levels) from living in China 4 years (not amalgam). How to detox?

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Heavy Metal Detox   by Tracy1980   16 year

Check out diversified services,   Robert there was a manger of a metal plating operation and everyone came down with heavy metal poisoning.  He used calcium disodium EDTA, in the pure form, very inexpensive.  He was the only to go this route, and he is the only one alive today.  Web site has a lot of information.  I used it for a year and a half.  It will also take the calcium out of your body and a recent ultra-sound scan showed insignificant plaque.  Not bad for 67 !  One has to be careful to take all of the needed supplements as it pulls quite a few things out of your system.  I have NO economic interest in any of this.  Robert has became a telephone friend.  Get his number and give him a call.  Learn what you are doing.
Best of Luck   Gary
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