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amalgam just fell out of upper back molar/what to do til dr?

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Get an instant temporary filling at your favorite drugstore   by FocusOnHealth   10 year

Step 1: Head to the drugstore and look around in the Oral Care aisle. Find a product called "Dentemp Temporary Tooth Filling" (or something similar). It is a tiny packet of putty for giving yourself a temporary filling so strong you can eat on it. It should be priced at around $5.00.

Step 2: Go home, open the packet, and carefully follow the instructions you've received with the product.

Step 3: Keep in mind that temporary fillings are designed to automatically fall out in a few days. So, get to a dentist in a few days. Tell them it is a minor emergency.

Step 4: Resolve/decide that -- unless in the unlikely event you want to get rid of your teeth -- to NEVER EVER ask for amalgam/silver fillings. Why? Read

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