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Amalgam and Science? Is there any science supporting the claim that Amalgam may cause illness?

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Papers on Amalgam related illness   by joegrane   8 year

Boyd Haley, PhD Chemistry, warns that organizations with a vested interest can design studies to distort the truth.

Haley in the following video reminds us that most of the mercury comes out fecally not in urine. Yet you'll see papers by the ADA basing their opinion of the toxicity of amaglam on levels in urine.
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Yes, there is tons of scientific evidcen related to toxicity of mercury (amalgam ) fillings   by frekoss   10 year

Consumers should be aware of the scientific evidence related to the health hazards of mercury (amalgam) dental fillings, often called "silver", and diseaes that have been associated with toxic exposure to mercury.

I recommend the International Association of Oral Medicien and Toxicology's new Position Paper Against Mercury Amalgam Fillings. Their website is:
From their homepage do a search for "Position Paper". Also, on their homepage is a link to the video for "safe protocol for Amalgam removal".

Sixteen years ago I had an old filling removed and replaced with a new one by a dentist who did not use the safe protocol for removal. Seven days later I was struck with double vision, loss of eqilibrium and diagnoed with MS, Lupus and then Myasthenia Gravis. I discovered through my own research that these symptoms were the result of being mercury poisoned from acute and chronic exposure to dental mercury. All silver fillings are 50% mercury.

Another important website:,
which videos of interviews of scientists, dentists and injured consumers.

The Food and Drug Administration was to reclassify dental Amalgam several years ago, but haven't done so, and the American Dental Assoc. continues their unsupported positoin that mercury fillings are safe for all ages, including the unborn fetus. After reading the Position paper, I am certain you will agree that the ADA is attempting to protect themselves from liability rather than the American public.

The fact that some people have difficulty excreting mercury is a fact, however, mercury, is the second most toxic element on earth besides plutionium and does not belong in the human body. In fact, the U.N.s Mercury Treaty calls for a phase down of mercury fillings.

Please feel free to write to me for further information. YOu can find the name of a trained mercury free dentist
(find a doctor).

I hope this was helpful.

Freya Koss
President, PA Coalition for Mercury-Free Dentistry
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Large Volume of Published Research   by entrance_to_reality   18 year

There is  a large volume of published research supporting the link between Amalgam and health problems:


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