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What is a natural Diet for Acid Reflux?

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Natural diet   by coldazice   8 year

Hey there, I'm actually a victim to this myself at the moment and just wanted to share:

I believe the natural diet consists of thigns that would keep your blood PH levels balanced. Now more details i cant help you!! but I can simplify what I've experimented with the past few years.

As soon as you arise in the morning have 1 cup of hot water. Hot enough that its still warm going down but not unbearable and burning hot.
#2 Have your first meals 1hr after first cup or 2 cups of 8fl

#3 Try having a piece of Apple, Banana, Orange first thing instead of coffee or tea. Try a bowl of oatmeal with sliced bananas or 2 boiled eggs with oatmeal for breakfast

#4 Each meal should ONLY be 2 handfuls, and spaced 2-4 hrs apart from each other. Its going to take practice to get use to but if you ask me, the reason we always have the acids is becuase we have too much overloaded work for our stomachs to get to. Our digestive tracks are i belive 30 feet long?? we shouldn't even have acid reflux if we do things right.

#5 For lunch aroud 2-3pm Thats when you should eat your HEAviest meal so as time comes down to the evening its being worked on. I suggest only having one more meal past 5 pm and that should only be light snacks if that at most. Me personally i stick to fruits or small sandwhiches, as well I JUST LOVE GREENS FOR DINNER!! I will skip all meat etc just to have bowl of greens!! The reason for this is i Know that the slower my digestion is the slower My creativeness is, the less energy i have and just all around i need my digestion 3 hrs apart All day to keep optimum!! Mind you i'm currently working from home so my working out and usual 2miles a day walking is cut out, So this is all advice for anyone!! Best of wishes again and dont be afraid to pm me for more help or email me here I'm very knowledgeable in certain chronic diseases as well!! take care!

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