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What is The CureZone Open Knowledge Base?

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What is The CureZone Open Knowledge Base?

  • It is a hierarchically organized database storing collections of frequently asked questions on alternative medicine, health and other subjects.  You are asking questions and you are answering them. The database is open to You.

How can you use Open Knowledge Base?

  • This Knowledge Base is called Open cause it is you who decides what it will contain.
  • You can ask questions and you can answer the questions.
  • You can edit your questions unlimited number of times.
  • You can edit your answers unlimited number of times. You can use a plain text editor, or one of 2 HTML editors (FCK or TinyMCS).  Answers can contain embedded images, links, and can be HTML formatted.
  • You can not edit questions and answers posted by other users.
  • You can create a collection of Frequently Asked Questions on any subject of your interest
  • You can read questions and answers, there are already over 200 questions and over 200 answers.
  • Every subject has it's own page. There are over 3000 subjects and the list is growing every day.
  • Every question has it's over page.
  • You can subscribe to a question with a single click. Once you subscribe to a question, you will receive an email notification every time the question is answered.
  • You can subscribe to a subject with a single click. Once you subscribe to a subject, you will receive an email notification every time a new question has been posted on the subject page or every time a new answer has been posted to any of the questions on that subject.
  • If you subscribe both to a question and to a subject, you will receive only one email notification.
  • More then one person can answer to any of the questions.
  • The same person can ask a question and can answer the same question. (This is not allowed in Forums.)
  • You can vote on every single answer. Answers are sorted by the number of votes. The more votes, the closer to the top of the page is the answer.
  • You can copy your own question over to other relevant categories.  That way, more people will read it and more people will answer the same question.
  • You can suggest a new category.

What is the difference between CureZone Forums and The Open Knowledge Base?

  • Forums can also be used for creating a collection of Frequently Asked Questions and CureZone Forums have been used for creating FAQs on Liver Flush, Bowel Cleanse, Parasites, Candida, ...
  • The main difference is that forums are specifically designed for discussions, while  The Open Knowledge Base is specifically designed for creating collections of FAQ.
  • It is far easier to create a collection of FAQ on the Knowledge Base then it is to create it on forums, cause forums are not 100% open, you need to ask for it.
  • In Forums, good questions and good answers get mixed with discussion, making it hard to find, and any collection of FAQ looses on it's quality, when it gets watered by discussion.
  • In The Knowledge Base: all questions on the same subject are listed on the same page.
  • In The Knowledge Base: all answers to the same question are listed on the same page, easy to read and easy to evaluate.
  • In The Knowledge Base: questions are short, just one or 2 sentences while in forums a question can often be longer then an answer.

Some of the most often asked questions on CureZone Forums are:

  • What Alternative Cancer Therapies should I try?
  • What should I eat? What diet should I follow?
  • Could Amalgam be responsible for my health problems?
  • What is a liver flush?
  • What is a bowel cleanse?
  • What is the average size of a male reproductive organ?

Here are a few FAQs from The Open Knowledge Base addressing some of those questions:

Each subject has it's own page. On that page, you can ask questions. Questions should not be long. Questions should be compressed into one or 2 sentences.
Sometimes, it is better to start the question with the subject, instead of starting it with "what is".
For example, it is better to write question like: Liver Flush? What is it?
Instead of What is Liver Flush?
If every question starts with the subject, it is far easier for the software to order questions alphabetically. So, it is all about ordering question alphabetically.

On your question, anyone can answer including yourself.

Answer can be of any length, even several pages long. MS Internet Explorer will limit the length of your answer to 100,000 characters. That is enough to upload a small book.

Answers can contain embedded images, links, and can be HTML formatted.

To insert an image into your answer, just paste or type image URL into your text, while using text editor.
Once you submit your answer, server will automatically convert your image URL into Image HTML tags.

If you are using HTML editor, use image button to insert an image.

Anyone reading the answer can vote. The best answer (best votes) will be always on top, shown as first. Voting helps organize answers and sort answers.

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