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I have oral lichen planus which is a condition where blisters form on the mouth and tongue. It has gotten so bad that I can hardly eat or talk. I have gargled withe the MMS but founc it to be abrasive. İ take the MMS through a straw and have been doing so for 2 weeks. The lichen planus has gotten worse. I have gotten up to 11 drops and then have come down to 4 drops twice a day. Someone suggested O2 MMS which is the light version. I havent heard of that. What is it and how does it work?

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lichen planus   by 1healthnut   13 year 2 of 2 (100%)

I would like to share with you the treatement for this terible oral lichen planus.
My husband had this for 15 years. He was seen by a doctor every 6 month, even he made biopsy. The statement was that no one knows the cause. The doctor mentioned that in some people is going away by it self. Was not the case with my husband.
About a year ago I read about this can be cured very easy. I have to tell you that this lichen has something to do with the imune system. My husband has celiac disease. Would be good if you check if you have it.
So back to the tratement. He took Nigela sativa (black seed), vit A one capsule a day, glucosamine one capsule a day and vit C. In 2 month his problem was gone. After 15 years of nightmare (he was spitting blood sometimes).
Even now he is OK.
I have to mention that you can buy the black seed from an Indian store. The name is Kalonji. You can have 1/2 teespoon (has no side effects). An other thing, vit C, buy powder not capsules (they hav fillers). I hope that is going to cure your problem.

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258   by tygmusic   13 year 2 of 2 (100%)

trying gargling w. a tsp of Sea Salt and water and brushing your teeth w. baking soda. creates alkalinity.
sometimes I forget the Sea Salt but have been brushing regularly w. baking soda. It's really helping. also - was told these symtoms have to do w. detox. hope this helps
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Wild Oregano Oil Instead of MMS   by JiniP   14 year 2 of 2 (100%)

Hi there,

Have you tried wild oregano oil for your problem?

I haven't tried it specifically on oral lichen planus, but I used it very successfully with Foot & Mouth Disease and Coxsackie virus in the mouth with my kids - both of which cause rampant, extremely painful ulcers all over the tongue and mucous membranes and make it difficult to even swallow liquids.

I recommend either Joy of The Mountains or North American Herb & Spice brands for potency.

Apply with your finger (or other implement) directly to the affected surfaces. If too painful, then use the dropper to simply drop it on and let it spread. Try not to swallow and keep it in your mouth for as long as you can. After swallowing, don't rinse or drink any liquids for at least 20 minutes. It will only give the "hot spicy" feeling for roughly 2.5 minutes. Don't worry, if my 4 year old can take the heat, you can too! Especially after the first time and you experience the relief - it really dulls the pain and they were able to eat soft foods afterwards!

Commercial preparations of WOO (wild oregano oil) are already diluted 1:3 from the essential oil (i.e. 1 drop essential oil of oregano to 3 drops olive oil). NEVER use essential wild oregano oil directly on the skin as it will damage tissue.

Now, if you can't take it "full strength" - by that I mean the commercial preparations I recommended - then make a further dilution with one of these brands of 6:1 (6 drops olive oil to 1 drop commercial wild oregano oil) and this may still be nearly as effective.

In fact, you may want to start with this dilution to test your tolerance and then move up to "full strength".

Apply at least 3x/day.

You can also take an additional 5 drops internally 3x/day to strengthen the systemic anti-pathogen effect if you wish. For a video of how to take it internally, look up my channel on YouTube under: jinithompson

And for more info on wild oregano and flu, anti-viral etc. protocols, see my blog:

Well, let me know if that works for you...

all the best,
Jini Patel Thompson
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