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Where can I get MMS in Hong Kong or Shanghai? I've tried pharmacies and wholesale chem suppliers...travelling so no mail order...Fairly urgent, thanks...

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make your own with US made sodium chlorite   by #112734   10 year

Lisa is a great
" Prices for U.S. manufactured, tech grade sodium chlorite flakes are $30/1 lb., $110/5 lbs., $195/10 lbs. S+H in the
U.S. for 1 lb. is $9, for 5 lbs. is $20, and for 10 lbs. is $30."
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Mms   by KrazyKat   12 year

Please let me know where I can get Miracle-Mineral-Supplement . Thank you.
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My supplier   by sentinel   12 year

I usually buy Miracle-Mineral-Supplement on this ebay user:
The label is in portuguese. It says it contains a 28% Sodium Chlorite Solution intended for Chlorine dioxide production. Comes with a 50% citric acid solution.
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Carry-on MMS in luggage or shipped?   by energyhealer   13 year

We have shipped Miracle-Mineral-Supplement all over the world and we ship it as a water purifier. We have it in the 2 oz kits of Miracle-Mineral-Supplement (green bottles) so it can be carried in carry-on luggage in airplanes. Anything 2 oz seems to be okay. It says 28% sodium chlorite....  I just tell them it is salt - chlorine for my water purification.

People have been using this water purifier for 80 years and it is especially needed when traveling.

We ship it via US post office Priority mail an it arrives in 10 days to 2 weeks to foreign addresses. Reiki Ranch Store

In the US it arrives in 2 to 4 days by mail. Better plan ahead and be safe.

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Where can I get MMS in Hong Kong or Shanghai?   by glennmr2008   14 year

I know quite a lot about Miracle-Mineral-Supplement , and i am from Brisbane
Australia, where i sourced a few pacs of this stuff from a guy there for abotu $50 UAD, and i have sent one pac over to my friend here in HK, but sorry to say, i was never able to find a seller anywhere in HK, thus so far the only way is by mail order, regards
Glenn Roberts
now in HK,
for 2 weeks,
9576 4515
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