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Why does MMS make me feel sick sometimes?

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The detox.   by jfh   15 year 5 of 10 (50%)

The nauseating feeling that you may experience would be the result of chlorine dioxide encountering, dislodging – hence the “sick” feeling – and then destroying pathogens encountered.

We are generally oblivious of the pathogens that are introduced to our body, especially after they have been stored in the tissue of various organs. Since they build up over time, they generally affect our health slowly, and cumulatively.

However, chlorine dioxide takes them out suddenly, which may result in a dramatic reaction. However, it passes in much less time than it took for the toxins and pathogens to accumulate.

When the chlorine dioxide “goes off,” the electron stripped pathogens cease to exist.

As an example, one will almost always feel ill in hepatitis cases because the liver is induced to expel stored poisons, which are then destroyed by an army of red blood cells containing chlorine dioxide. It’s really no contest. But it doesn’t have to be something as acute as hepatitis.

Years of “leeching” of from dental Amalgams can “innocently” deposit enough mercury to one’s system to steal innocence, rob vitality, and erase precious memories. Dislodging and vaporizing it will feel uncomfortable for a very short time compared to the time it took to accumulate.

If you feel sick when you take this protocol, know that your health and vitality awaits to rejoin you on “the other side” of the ill feeling.

If it has no “close encounters” with pathogens, chlorine dioxide deteriorates into constituents that are totally non-toxic. Nothing poisonous is left behind to build up, as is the case with many medical protocols. Medical treatments currently provide you NO way of removing the poisons when said poisons don’t work. You are left on your own in a strange land and diseased state, without a roadmap back to health.

Nature’s chlorine dioxide, on the other hand, lasts long enough to do its job, then that which does not furnish the immune system with needed ions becomes nothing more than micro amounts of salt and water.

The chlorine dioxide has just a few minutes to do its thing, and then it no longer exists, leaving nothing behind that can build up, or do additional harm.

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It's POISON!!!!!   by scienceroxs   12 year 2 of 6 (33%)

The reason people feel sick after ingesting Miracle-Mineral-Supplement is simple. It's a very strong oxidizing chemical and it is poisonous. This is the bodies attempt to rid itself of something nasty and caustic! The fact that some vomited it back up might have saved them from real harm. The idea that this is somehow the body expelling all these pathogens doesn't even pass the giggle test! Seriously folks run this one by your doctor and see what he has to say about this ridiculous theory. Of course the people pushing this crap are going to tell you the 'nausea' is okay! Who wouldn't feel sick after drinking bleach at a certain level?!
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Because it's toxic!   by mmsdebunked   12 year 1 of 4 (25%)

Before you make your mind up, read what these other reputable alternative health news sites have to say about Jim and Miracle-Mineral-Supplement . None of these sites sell anything and all are very critical of Big Pharma and it is VERY RARE for any "alt-med" to speak out against another alternative-medicine, they're generally not in the business of making enemies out of other alternative medicine supporters. So it's no small feat that Jim has made enemies amongst the alt-med community! Miracle-Mineral-Supplement is NOT safe, if it was, then every alternative medicine news blog would support it.

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Another Fraud Of Alternative Medicine: M.M.S.

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