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cat has respiratory problem. What dose and for how long

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Many options.   by Rnzme   6 year

Use 1 teaspoon of favorite wet food. Mix Miracle-Mineral-Supplement and use dropper. Drop one drop of Miracle-Mineral-Supplement mixture onto 1 teaspoon of food. Do this every hour while awake. You should see a noticeable improvement Within 12 hours. You didn't say what size the cat is. If the cat tolerates one drop and 1 teaspoon every hour for for five hours you might be able to increase it to two drops per teaspoon of wet food or something the cat will eat. Another way to do this is to put the cat in the carrier with the closable gate. Mix your Miracle-Mineral-Supplement and have a cat breathe the fumes from the mixed MMS. You can achieve this by setting the mixed MMS bowl at the entrance to the carrier and covering the whole bowl and carrier with a blanket the fumes should dissipate within 10 or 15 minutes
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