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Has anyone used MMS protocol on a dog

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Yes MMS Does Work On pets specifically Dogs.   by #159108   11 year 1 of 1 (100%)

Many different dogs have responded very well.
I have used it topically for wounds sprayed on or dropped on.
I have used it on mouth odor, and general mouth care.
I have given internally for diarrhea and upset stomach.
I have used it for internal and external cleansing.
Any fungus, bacteria, virus seems to be killed by Miracle-Mineral-Supplement .
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MMS for cat's ear infection   by #115686   13 year 3 of 3 (100%)

No, but I have used it on a very sick cat. My cat had been very sick for days with a horrible mite infection in his ear. (His ear was all black inside and smelled wretched. The cat had stopped eating and didn't even lift his head up any more.) I didn't want to spend a fortune at the vet (and assumed the cat was going to die or have to be put to sleep,) but I mixed up two drops of Miracle-Mineral-Supplement and after it was activated, I added a couple drops of DMSO with it and put it on the cat's ears and feet, anywhere there was skin to try to get it to soak in. I think I might have got the cat to eat a little tuna with the drops in it also. In a few minutes, the cat lifted its head up and wanted to go outside. I followed it to see if it was just going to go off to die. Instead, after about 20 minutes, it was up to coming over to sit in my lap, and he started purring! I kept putting drops in its tuna for a couple of days, and the ear completely cleared up and the cat was great!
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Cysts in dogs.   by ebrandon   7 year 3 of 3 (100%)

My dog gets cysts in the skin. They usually go away within a short time but one stays. What is the protocol? I've heard iodine, DMSO and/or Miracle-Mineral-Supplement .
Which works better?
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MMS for dogs Demodectic mange   by Looneygirl   11 year 3 of 3 (100%)

Looking for anyone that may have experience with treating dogs with Miracle-Mineral-Supplement for Demodectic mange (Mites live inside hair follicles). We are not 100% sure this is the problems, no fleas at all. I understand the basics of Demo mange and all dogs have this it only is a problem in a few.
I have not done skin scrap test thru the vet as it can come back neg. even if they are present and she has the systems of small spots ears, eye brows & elbows of demo mange.
I will tell you in the last year thinking it was food allergies . We have done lots to boost immue system of our female 65 lb Female/spayed German Sheppard. She eats better than most humans. Have done restricted diets, taken off any dog food, wheat, corn, tried fish & rice only (meat only can get really expensive with a 1 /12 year old GM). I have done the peroxide/borax dip Mange cure, which is great for rash/open wounds (Teds cure from Earth clinic) I am still currently doing organic yogurt, enzymes/probiotics, fish oil, ACV (in side and out) and out of desperation the last month under vets advice oral IVERMECTITN. Lots of good/bad stories about ivermectitn and I have read most of them in dog or forums. If this does help or help contain the spread it is just taking the place of a good immune system that the body may become reliant on this chemical. I am not trying to be a smarty pants but I have read & read lots of different protocols, experiences and opinions. It is a very deep rabbit hole. I am getting worn out on topical solutions, bathing, treating with meds supplements. I also have a small 10lb mix breed in the house with no systems at all. They have been raised together since pups and are 10 weeks dif. In age. No problems with food, mites or fleas on my little guy at all. I am desperate to get this under control. I do relize that what works for one dog does not always work with another dog. I welcome your experiences and knowledge about this issue.
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Yes, MMS can be used on animals   by SassaFrass88   12 year 3 of 3 (100%)

I use about 5 drops, with some lemon juice and filtered/ reverse-Osmosis water, in a dropper bottle and store in the fridge.

When our Chihuahuas get bad breath, I give them a dose (1 dropper-full).

I also give them a dose when their stomachs are upset, or they seem to be 'ill'.

One small Chihuahua that I treated was throwing up and hiding all day before treatment and after just one dose, the next day he was playing, running around and looking very happy!

Check with Jim Humble's site for the FAQ section regarding dosage per pound for animals.

Personally, I just 'wing' it and try not to 'overdose', since I would hate to see them feel ill.
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