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Bed bugs are meth bugs...

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Bed bugs vs meth bugs.are they the same thing??after much research and having an infestation as well.bed bugs came home with our brave heroic soldiers from the middle East.within four years the country was infested.I received them from a friend who stayed at a local motel.finally after 3 sleepless years it was over....NOOOT,personal studies I've done about 85% of methamphetamine users duffer from "the " bugs.the similarities of bites itching crawling,clawing ur skin off nd u find nothing.when DL "bugs appea?? At night when your sleeping and still they come from you re matress seams.u may go moths and months and noone sees them.but believenmy friends " THEY ARE THERE"give me a comment help me out people.say anything u matter who u r or what ur lifestyle anyone is susceptible to these meth/ beg bugs

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