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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Survey Results
Survey Home
New Survey Questions (18) 
8 What other symptoms are you dealing with that may or may not be related to IBS?   14 year ago
7 What other medically diagnosed problems are you dealing with?   14 year ago
18 What type(s) of psychological issues seem to be concurrent with your IBS, if any?   14 year ago
17 How would you describe the transit time through your digestive system.   14 year ago
16 Do you ever notice that food is not completely digested?   14 year ago
15 Choose the symptoms that occur at the time of (or preceding) a bowel movement.   14 year ago
14 Do you feel there was a "triggering event" to the onset of your IBS   14 year ago
13 Select the foods that you have determined definitely ease your symptoms.   14 year ago
12 Select the foods that you find trigger your symptoms.   14 year ago
11 List the type(s) of probiotics you found helpful.   14 year ago
10 Select the types of cognitive therapy you found helpful.   14 year ago
9 Select any anti-anxiety/anti-depressant medication you found helpful.   14 year ago
6 List the medications/products/supplements you have tried and that were not of help to you.   14 year ago
5 List the medications/products/supplements that you found most helpful.   14 year ago
4 Use the Bristol stool scale to rate your bowel result. (You can select more than one, and/or add a new category.)   14 year ago
3 With the assistance of medication(s), and/or over-the-counter products, choose the category closest to your bowel frequency.   14 year ago
2 Without the assistance of medications, or over-the-counter products, choose the option closest to your bowel frequency.   14 year ago
1 Please select your type(s) of gastrointestinal issue(s).   14 year ago
19 Date Of Birth
20 Body Height
21 Body Weight
22 Country where you live?
23 Gender (Sex)
24 Who are you attracted to?
25 How many children do you have?
26 How many siblings do you have?
27 Ethnicity
28 Natural Hair Color
29 Eye Color
30 Blood Type
31 Level of physical activity?
32 Which of the next activities do you practice at least once every week?
33 Which of the next diets are closest to your average daily diet?
34 What foods do you consume?
35 What is the average percentage of RAW food in your diet, by volume?
36 What is your average daily intake of pure water?
37 What vaccines have you received since birth?
38 The highest educational level achieved?
39 Smoking Habits
40 Marital Status
41 Religion
42 Latitude of the place where you live now?
43 Latitude of the place where you were born?
44 Time Zone where you live now?
45 Climate of the place where you live now?
46 Climate of the place where you were born?
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